Thursday, November 18, 2010

Top Ten: 2010 thanksgiving (and a note)

Ugh, I am noticing a theme with several of my last blogs... they are all depressing. They are about how stressed or anxious or sad I am. Who wants to read that? I am so sorry. However, that is exactly how I have been feeling over the last several weeks. I have to be honest when I write, and that is exactly what I like about the bloggers I read as well.

All these sad blog posts mixed with the fact that Thanksgiving is a week from today (and I always write a "Top Ten Thanksgiving" post), made me review all my blog posts of this year. This is what I found: most of them are extremely sad or depressing! This leads me to two realizations:

1. THANK YOU FOR CONTINUING TO READ!!!! I SO appreciate your coming to visit my little blog and read about my life, as non-exciting or annoying or depressing as it may sound at times. I really really really do appreciate you reading. As strange as it sounds, because we are separated by a computer, you mean a lot to me!

2. It has been a rough year. To be honest, this is not a realization at all, just the truth I've been living with. Between the loss of my Grandma, work stress, anxiety issues, finishing school, feeling spread too thin, and dysfunctional moments with family and friends (which during happy times don't seem to rock my boat as much), 2010 has been rough.

However, no matter the circumstances, I try to be thankful. So, here is list of what I have been thankful for this year...

1.You for reading my blog (blogging makes me very happy... as does reading blogs).

2. Meeting Anne Lamott.

3. My NYC trip with my parents.

5. Seeing the Glee cast perform.

6. Spending time in Dana Point with my family.

7. Fun times with my sister (as roommates).

8. Spending time with Rachel while she visited before her wedding.

9. Many weekends spent with friends (especially Nichol, Teri, Sarah, Marci, Erin).

10. My parents. No matter what, they always listen to my crazy, forgive my selfishness, support my endeavors, offer advice when needed, and let me come home.

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