Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thanksgiving according to CAPS

Thanksgiving in CAPS was quite funny today. You might not think so, but if you work in CAPS, it would all make sense.

First, the potluck sign up sheet was not completed until maybe yesterday. No thanks to me, of course, because I don't cook. We had three sign up spaces for dessert, and in true CAPS fashion, we ended up with five. This list also included my friend, Marci's, famous Mac n' Cheese... that other people signed her up to bring! People do that in CAPS, just boss you around when they like what you do. :)

Today, about five people called in sick. At least two of them were supposed to bring stuff. Not to worry, others left work to go get it. We'll do whatever it takes for food in CAPS. Still, others, like my friend Stephanie, drove their food to work despite being out for the day... that's dedication; both to food and to CAPS (the two basically go hand in hand).

My friend, Cindy, specially made a cranberry salad because my coworker Brent thought no Thanksgiving potluck (even when not on actual Thanksgiving day) could be with out a cranberry dish. Cindy had to try a new recipe and went to the store for the items before 8am and had cranberry drip down on to her kitchen floor. What happens today? Brent can't make it. Classic. His excuse was due to a family dog emergency. That is something else CAPS always understands. (He did end up coming, by the way).

Oh, and Marci (with the Mac n' Cheese) was late to work, but no one knew ahead of time, so people began to worry... about the Mac n' Cheese! It's okay though, she's fine. So is the Mac n' Cheese. Actually, the Mac n' Cheese is amazingly delicious. Also, Gordon was  supposed to bring rolls and on the way to work he ate four of them. Luckily, he bought more. 

Our meal was big and delicious and a lot of fun. We laughed and laughed. A slide show of our pictures through the years played on the projector screen. We held hands in a circle to say a prayer before the meal. We made a long table out of desks so we could all sit together. We also shared embarrassing stories and talked about past coworkers and our past retreats. We had a great time.

It really did feel like Thanksgiving for me. When we gathered to pray it occurred to me that in so many ways, this group is my family. They have been my constant supporters throughout the last (nearly) three years. They cheer me on, encourage me, pray for me, pick on me, and make me laugh. They were more there for me after losing Grandma than anyone else in my life (aside from family) and they even water my plant for me so that I don't have to take care of it. 

I am incredibly thankful for my office this year. Yes, work stresses me out and I have felt more overwhelmed over the last couple months than I have in a year. Yes, sometimes I have conflicts at work with people. And yes, sometimes I can so riled up about certain workplace decisions I just cry out of frustration. But, when all is said and done and evens out, (most) these people are so special to me. CAPS has a place in my heart that nothing else can replace and I am thankful for my experiences here and the friends I have made. During a very tough year, they have kept me going strong.

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Jan said...

Ahem, I believe they water your plant so you won't kill it. Good thing you can write . . .