Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Day

(cousins: me, Sarah, Tiffany, Mitch, and Ashley)

It went much better than I thought. Turned on the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade first thing.

Today my Dad's side of the family got together at my Aunt Connie's. We do every major holiday together, but this was our first one since Grandma passed away. It was tough at times, but we kept the mood light and happy. We also invited some extended family down to join. Grandma would have been so proud, I miss her. I left first, but my Mom told me that my two aunts and Dad cried when they said goodbye. The reality of Grandma's absence hit them. Grief is such an interesting thing, I said a prayer for the Randant family and the Kennedy family, both of whom lost their Dads this year. It is a little comforting to think all three families (mine included) are dealing with loss. Holidays are tough the first year... or so I've heard and am learning.

Then I drove down to San Diego to stay at my parents' for the weekend. It is so nice to be home!!! Ash and I went to Michael's tonight (Thanksgiving sale). Driving home and around the neighborhood on such a beautiful cold night was perfect. And now Sleepless in Seattle is on! What could be better?

Happy Thanksgiving.

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