Thursday, November 11, 2010

Grumpy McGrumperson

I was Grumpy McGrumperson today. I literally woke up grumpy. I mean really grumpy... like scowling. My sister does this growl thing when she makes fun of herself for being grumpy for no reason and it always makes me laugh. Today, I wanted to do that. I was that grumpy!

Didn't want to get up or put on make up or pick out an outfit or blow dry my hair. Then, I got to the parking lot of my office and just sat and stewed in grumpiness. I was grumpy through a meeting and at my desk and every time yet another e-mail showed up asking me to do something. Then, I kind of snapped at my favorite coworker and realized, "wow, I really am grumpy!"

So, I went a chatted with my two "moms" in the office. Love them. They take such good care of me. We laughed.

Laughing is the best medicine. Anne Lamott says "laughter is carbonated happiness" and she would be right.

Then I met a friend for lunch and we complained and compared notes and also laughed. Plus, I ate lunch, which always helps grumpiness.

I am a woman who can admit when I am grumpy. I am also a woman who can bounce back from a mood quickly. I do not stew in my mood all day. So, I got back after lunch, put on a smile, and grabbed a positive attitude. I also apologized to the coworker I snapped at and another one who may have known I was grumpy.

The day got better. I still felt grumpy deep down, but not in the way that rained on every one's parade. Speaking of parades, I wrote to my mom today and apologized for "raining on her parade" and her response was awesome:

Hi, my parade is going strong. :) balloons up and everyone is smiling!

Love my mom.

Improving grumpiness is what I call maturity.