Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Election Babble

(for the 2010 midterms)

Ah elections,
a time when all the American public really wants
is for the politicians to stop calling them at the dinner table
and their opponents to stop the negative commercials interrupting their favorite TV shows.
A time when red and blue don't make purple.
When we suddenly hate our best friend of 13.2 years.
When we come to believe that Democrats or Republicans really are going to hell,
rather than realizing our nation is going to hell in a hand basket.

This election proved
people don't want their drugs legalized...
except the bay area.
Drugs are apparently more appealing when illegal.
Maybe the stoners in the rest of the state were too high to drive to a polling place?
I'm sure they will get their way soon enough, maybe in two years.
that's how long it took CA government to ignore voters and appeal the gay marriage ban.

This election proved Republicans still exist
and are tired of sitting this round out.
But really, it proved Sarah Palin is a super hero.
All commentators could do before elections was blame Sarah Palin for the uproar,
well, hear her roar ladies and gents,
and hear the public roar with her.
Don't mess with a Mama Grizzly.

Maybe all this election proved is that women rocked the vote.
Women were supposed to come out in droves this election,
and judging by the House,
I guess they did.
Maybe women are meant to stay in the House after all.

And now that it's over,
we can go back to reacting to votes that really matter,
like who will win Dancing with the Stars.
We can stop watching ads for politicians
and go back to the Hershey's ad with the chocolate people
whose heads I am always tempted to bite off.
Or the one with ZoĆ« Saldana for Calvin Klein.  

And maybe.
Just maybe.
We can remind ourselves,
that we live in a great country where we get to have a say,
at least on some level.
And that when elections are all said and done,
we really do like each other,
in spite of our "I voted" stickers.

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