Saturday, November 20, 2010

Culture: Pop

1. Bristol Palin is in the DWTS finals!

I am so happy about this. I have a soft spot for Bristol, okay maybe for the Palin's in general, and I also love Mark Ballas (her dancing pro). I can't believe the attention Bristol's success is getting in the media. It is honestly ridiculous. The liberal media wants you to believe that there is a conspiracy theory to keep Bristol on DWTS. This is outrageous for so many reasons, one being DWTS wouldn't do that. The show is insanely successful even without all this hoopla. Also, ABC is a liberal media outlet, so there is no way they would be in cahoots with Sarah Palin. I also don't understand how people can keep asking "how is she still there? Everyone hates her." Newsflash: people don't hate her, or she wouldn't have been voted into the finals.

2. Eva Longoria and Tony Parker are getting divorced.

Seriously? Who would cheat on her or even think about cheating on her? Eva is gorgeous.

3. Ryan Reynolds as People's Sexiest Man

Speaking of good looking. Excellent choice. Handsome, funny, and down to earth = perfect combination.

4. Elizabeth Smart's trial

My heart breaks every time I read more about her traumatic experience. How do you even attempt to recover from something like that? So sad and she must be so strong. I read an article about all the "what if's" of her experience and that was the worst. A person can ask "what if's" until they die. I mean really, you could go all the way back to "what if Elizabeth hadn't been born or her parents had never met?" What if's are pointless and place blame where it shouldn't be placed. Yes, a window was left open, yes her sister waited too long to tell her parents, yes the police officer should have lifted her veil, what does it matter now? What can it matter now? Things happen. Bad things happen to good people and there are a million factors or one. We can never know for sure. All that matters is what did happen. A disturbed man kidnapped a young girl, traumatized her sister, and ruined people's lives, but Elizabeth Smart survived and that was the only "what if" that ever mattered while she was gone.

5. Will and Kate

I am so excited for a royal wedding! After Dianna's death I formed a bit of a crush on Prince William, and by bit, I mean I imagined how we would meet and fall in love and then have to break up because I was the "common American" that his family and country disapproved of (have I mentioned I write fiction?). Can't wait to watch their wedding on TV. Nice to hear a happy story in the news.

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