Sunday, October 10, 2010

Weekend reality

So I thought a lot about my weekend wish list this weekend as I went about doing things. Not only did I try to follow my wishes for the weekend, but some items were added to it as well…

Here is how my weekend actually played out.


Saw The Social Network with Teri.
The Social Network is AMAZING. Go see it. Seriously. Go see it. I really hope it is nominatedat Oscar season, especially for adapted screen play by Aaron Sorkin. He is a genius. Even the first scene is classic Sorkin. Gosh I love him. The movie was excellent and the acting superb. Made me want to give Mark Zuckerman a hug. See the movie and tell me what you think.


Coffee with Nichol.
So needed. Every time we hang out I feel more balanced, centered, encouraged, and inspired. Love her.

Grocery store.

Went to another movie and saw Life As We Know It.
I know it sounds incredibly lame, but I loved it! It was a GREAT romantic comedy. Plus, there was an adorable baby in practically every scene. It was just so good. One of the best rom-coms I've seen in a while.

Old Navy, where I spent too much money buying clothes for NYC.

Barnes and Noble, where I spent too much money. Period. Bought W magazine, complete collection of Winnie the Pooh, Women Food and God, and a children’s book called Dear George Clooney Please Marry My Mom.


Slept in.

Caught up a little on DVR. Watched four episodes. Found a new show I now love: Blue Bloods. Excellent. A crime show with a family dynamics story line and I am all about family dynamics.

Swept and mopped the floors.


Cleaned my bathroom.

Three loads of laundry.

Talked on the phone with two of my high school besties (am I too old to say besties?) friends, Amy and Sara.

Dinner with my sister – so nice to spend time with her (she was gone most of the weekend with sorority stuff).

Ending Sunday by reading blogs and watching more DVR’d shows and talking with my mom (read this weekend’s blog entry from her because I love it).

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