Friday, October 29, 2010

…to buy a hat that will turn out to be a mistake - as almost all hats are.

Friday, day three…

Again, Dad went to work this day. Mom and I were so exhausted we slept in. We slept in so late that I woke up before Mom. That is saying something!

I love Central Park, so we attempted to go eat lunch at The Boathouse in the Park (as seen in 27 Dresses). It was beautiful to see, but had an hour wait, and we were pretty hungry, so we left and went searching for food.


When we left the Park we were at 5th and 90th, which is the most “upper east” I’ve been yet and there are mostly just houses, museums, and churches in that part of town, so we started walking. I admitted how hungry I was and Mom said “let’s just walk and see where fate takes us.” Of course, “fate” – or as Mom and I believe, God – took us to The Episcopal Church of Heavenly Rest. It’s a beautiful church and Mom and I love to step inside them and as we did we found a small cafe. It was part of the church and served quiche and sandwiches and pastries. We had an okay tasting quiche at The Heavily Rest Stop. And so, God provided.

Next, we took a cab to SoHo (close to the Greenwich area we got lost in on Wednesday) to once again try and find the yarn/quilt store. I looked it up online and saw it had moved locations in April. On the way we stopped and picked up Dad from work for the day. Even with the address at hand, we still got lost by about three blocks. But, we found it. I loved it. Mom did too. It was adorable and sweet and the people who worked there were very nice (unusual in The City). The shop is called Purl SoHo (they have a blog too).


While in SoHo I stopped at my favorite stationary store called Kate’s Paperie. Love that place. Then, we got stuck in SoHo (where Mom bought a hat). Trust me, I am not a happy person when stuck in SoHo. There were no cabs that wanted to give us a ride (they were there, but full, or not willing to drive our direction). I was super grumpy. Stuck in SoHo, three miles from the hotel, and with my parents who were both trying to hail cabs. Finally, a wonderful female cab driver took us “home!” Thank God.

For dinner we went to McCormick and Schmidt's. I got oysters as an appetizer, which was lovely.


We followed it with more time spent at Rockefeller Center, got cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery (that really weren’t amazing…sorry), and shopped a bit.


Lastly, Dad and I had a near-midnight snack at the food truck (again). Not quite as good the second time, but still worth it.

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