Thursday, October 28, 2010

The shop around the corner

Day two in NYC…

Dad worked on Thursday (which is technically why we were able to go to New York) and Mom and I went to lunch at The Little Owl. I have been wanting to go there since the last time I was in NYC. It is located at the bottom of the Friends’ apartment building (where they filmed the outside shots) and is also the restaurant at the end of the movie No Reservations. Plus, Bethenny Frankel (of the Real Housewives and Bethenny Getting Married) recommended it on Twitter when asked where to eat in NYC.


It was delicious! I could eat there everyday. We got lost in Greenwich Village finding it, but it was so worth it. It was quaint and beautiful and small. It had about twelve tables and we sat at a corner window table that looked out on a great street of homes. It was the only restaurant/retail place for a couple blocks.


I just loved the whole atmosphere of the place. Mom and I both had scallop salad and French fries (which were incredible) and dessert, which for some reason I can’t remember right now… that doesn’t seem right.


Then we got lost for two hours. TWO HOURS. Yep, we went around in a circle TWICE. We were trying to find a quilt and yarn store (more about that later) but couldn’t… even when the cab took us to the right address. But, I did find a great little bookstore and bought two books (of course).


Later we returned to Rockefeller Center.


I went to The American Girl store. I love visiting there! Makes me feel like I’m seven again with my little Samantha doll (which has now been “archived” by American Girl). The store even has a doll hospital and hair salon. And, a hook to hang your doll in the restroom, an over share, I know, but adorable. The whole store is just so cute.


Later that evening we met my parents’ friend, Van, for dinner at another new place called Ruby Foo’s in Times Square. It was very fun and tasty. Also was great to meet Van.


Afterward, my Mom and I went to a musical on Broadway (Dad went back to the hotel… he’s not much of a play person). We saw In The Heights and it was GREAT. Jordin Sparks, the former American Idol winner, was one of the stars, which I didn’t know beforehand. Her voice was awesome.


On the walk home we ate off a food truck… yep. A food truck on the streets of NYC…. without a menu. But, there is always a long line in the evenings and Dad always mentions trying it, so Mom and I did. It was pretty good. A bowl of lamb, rice, mystery meat, lettuce, and a white sauce, that the guy in front of us recommended. It was pretty good, but then again, everything tastes better after 10pm.

Mom and I ended the night at the hotel bar, which is one of my favorite parts of NYC with Mom.


Thursday was the day I would repeat from start to finish again and again. It was pretty perfect.


meesh_mosh said...

Oh my gosh these pictures are ADORABLE. So this comment is actually in reference to a comment you wrote on my blog a while ago, that I just found and didn't know was there! (The blog about college being shitty, basically). I just wanted to say, I really appreciate what you said. I don't feel that way anymore, thank GOD. I had a friend who was going through that same thing and it made me reflect on how I'd been for such a long time, hence my blogging. And every time I talk about it, I find someone else who felt the same way. Which makes me so sad--that's exactly the validation you need when you're going through tough stuff--knowing that it isn't just you. Anyway this comment could get long, so I'll stop here. In short, thanks :)

Kacie said...

you're mom looks the same as i remember her :) love the pictures!