Saturday, October 30, 2010

Not even a sound on the streets of New York, just the beating of my own heart.

Saturday, day four. My last full day in New York.

Met my Mom’s friend, Kim, for lunch at Sarabeth’s. We chose it simply because we passed it when we were at the Park. It looked very cute and then I looked it up online and read it was one of the most famous breakfast places in New York. Ironically, a few days ago, I read on Bethenny Frankel’s twitter that she also recommends Sarabeth’s for brunch in New York. It was a great place and very nice inside.

Afterward, we spent the afternoon on Fifth Avenue. We walked around The Plaza, my second favorite place in New York.

We went to Tiffany’s, Trump Tower, FAO Schwartz, and the Apple store (has an awesome glass elevator and is open 24 hours a day). I bought a few New Yorker sidewalk pictures (I have about twelve now). Then, my parents went back to the hotel and I walked further down Fifth and went to the Gap, where I bought some clothes. It is always a great and encouraging feeling to walk alone around the City.

We were all exhausted this day, so we went to pizza a few block up from the hotel. It is called Angelo’s and is right next door to the David Letterman’s studio. We wanted something close by and easy, where we could wear tennis shoes and not feel under-dressed. Angelo’s has awesome pizza and we sat right at the window and could watch everyone walk by. Love that seat.

Mom and I went to the Time Warner Center after dinner and Dad went back to the hotel. We had never been to Time Warner Center. It was pretty cool. It is basically a big mall with a Borders (so, I was happy), many high end stores, and a huge Whole Foods on the bottom floor where many locals get their groceries and pre-made meals. 

It also had beautiful flowers. It was super fun to visit.


We rode in a Pedi cab back to the hotel. A Pedi cab is a bike cab. I was freaking out! How did we expect a little bike to drive two women in a busy city street? Luckily, my Mom was much braver than me! Our “driver” was really interesting and sweet. He moved to NYC from Florida just a few months ago and is trying to become a lawyer. He finished law school and is waiting to hear about if he passed the NY Bar exam. He told us he works the Pedi cab a few days a week, making $150-$200/day and also has a non-paid internship at a law firm. I’ve never met a more interesting driver.

We ended the evening at the hotel bar, again. Why do I love it there so much? It is just fun to sit and chat with my mom over a nice beverage. Am I the only 24-year-old who feels this way about hanging out with her mom? :) I just love her.


Jan said...

Love you; love your NY posts.

Rachel said...

Have you met me and my mom??? lol