Sunday, October 10, 2010

More notes on the weekend…

I have been thinking about the 40 hour work week a lot. In other countries work is less important than here is the US. Other countries seem to understand the work and life balance. They get that life is made up of relationships and relaxation and pursuing happiness. In Spain, for example, they have siestas every day for a couple hours where people can go home and nap and enjoy a fabulous lunch before heading back to work.

I wish that we could get paid our 40 hour work week salary at 32 hours a week of time. I am sure we would get the same amount of work done with 8 hours less in the office. I would even work 10 hours a day just to have Fridays off (or even Mondays).

Don’t you think this country is missing the life and work balance? When people list what is important to them they never start with “work” or being “productive” first. No, they start with family, friends, even pets. We always wish we could change our priorities but financially can’t… hence, my new work week hours suggestion. On people’s death beds no one says “I wish I had spent more time at the office.”

The only other way to change this? Self-employment. In an ideal world I would work from my computer. Heck, in my ideal world I would work from my laptop and get paid to blog, or follow blogs, or review media or pop culture, or write a column for a magazine. I would work from my laptop wherever I am – my apartment, vacation, the beach, anywhere.

Maybe someday.

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