Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Chilean miners: Rescued

I’m watching the miners be rescued right now. The third one just got lifted out. It is such a happy miracle. It is a rescue that is uniting the world. This is a moment of history that is fun and special to be a part of.

It just makes me think about the psychology assignment of this whole thing. I am fascinated wondering what these men discussed underground for 70 days. What did they talk about? How did they bond? Who did they bond with? How did they keep hope? Did they have major arguments? Did they make friends for life? Do they want to be miners still? What did they think about? Who did they think about? Did they re-evaluate their lives and the people in them?

Clearly, I used to be a journalist for a short while.

Also, what did they think about in the rescue tube for 20 minutes on the way up?

It’s interesting to me because I never want to be in that situation, yet I am always fascinated by these kinds of scenarios, planned or accidental, where strangers or casual friends are forced to live together 24/7. I guess part of me is almost envious because it is an experience that only those men can completely understand. It is a bond they will always share. It was a time that can never fully be explained.

The real miracle of the miners is that they are all still alive. They survived 70 days underground after an unexpected accident. And, they are still smiling in the pictures taken when they were trapped. SMILING. That is a miracle. It is incredible they learned to survive together and thrive and exercise and laugh and work together. There was even debate among them about the rescue because many wanted to be the last to leave. How incredible is that? It just shows the power of the human spirit. The power of selflessness, love, support, and friendship.

I pray for their recovery after this rescue and for their transition back to their normal life that can probably never feel normal again.

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