Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Carrie Underwood Concert

This weekend I went to San Diego for the Carrie Underwood concert on Friday night. To fully understand my night you need to know a few things about me first:

1. I love music and can easily get teary-eyed at concerts.
2. I am not a huge fan of stadium seating (I immediately imagine mass exits, natural disasters, power outages, falls, fights, and pedestrian traffic).
3. I often get caught up in how others may or may not be feeling and let those feelings override and add to my own.

So, let's start by saying that were it not for the fact Ashley and I drove down to SD together we never would have made the concert in the first place due to traffic (Yay carpool lane!). Little did we know that we would then run in to way more traffic than we expected... but that came later, when Mom and Dad and Ashley and I headed down to Point Loma for the concert. There was a POWER OUTAGE so all the street lights around the sports arena were out. Major traffic problem is an understatement. Dinner plans were cancelled, curse words were muttered, eyes were rolled... it was not a pretty picture of our little family. 

To make a long story of the car ride short let's just say none of us were wanting to be stuck in the car together anymore. 

Sometimes, we put the "fun" in "dysfunctional" and sometimes we are the functional part of that. 

So, once we got to the concert and sat down I realized I am not a concert person. I want to be. I really want to be. But I am not.

Then, the "row behind us" came. Oh boy. There were four or five of them, all carrying two beers each (multiplied by three by the end of the night), which my mom and I were sure would land on our backs, heads, necks. Ew. Then, the cursing began (by them, not us, and not muttered... yelled). Then, Billy Currington came on stage and opened for Carrie Underwood and the "row behind us" crowd went crazy. Whooping and hollering, cursing and singing, and discussing when their next smoke break would be. 

It was at this point, during one of my favorite Billy Currington songs, that I started balling. The whole night seemed wasted. I didn't think Mom and Dad were glad they came, I was imagining mass exits in case of an emergency, and I was really really really mad at the "row behind us." REALLY MAD. They single-handedly were ruining the concert. I couldn't hear Billy sing, I was being bumped in the head, and I knew it would probably get worse. I decided I wanted to leave. 

Thankfully, my family wanted to stay.

I prayed and cried and cursed and cried and hoped and cried and then, Carrie came on stage.

She was incredible! She has an insanely amazing voice, adorable clothes and is just beautiful. She opened with "Cowboy Casanova" and I was feeling so grateful we were there. 

Three songs in, Carrie started to sing "slow" songs... or as musical people know them, ballads... or songs that prove a person can actually sing... or as the "row behind us " called them "@#%*-ing sit down songs." 

Most of the concert was "sit down songs" and that was the best, most poetic, justice EVER. The "row behind us" were unhappy, quiet, and forced to be seated. I was a happy girl. They even bailed early. Ha. 

In the end, the concert may have been one of the best I've ever seen. Carrie Underwood talked the right amount (the two songs that mean the most to her are Temporary Home and Jesus Take the Wheel). She changed into beautiful outfits. Showed a picture of her hubby from their wedding. And, when she sang Jesus Take the Wheel she ended with the hymn How Great Thou Art. It brought me to tears - actually, Temporary Home did first - and people pointed to Heaven, sang, and some (including me) gave a standing ovation at the end of the hymn. Definitely my favorite moment. 

The end.

(photo found here from our concert).

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