Sunday, October 17, 2010

Can you have too much fun?

I don’t think so.

But you can exhaust yourself and that is what has happened today.

I have spent the last three evenings with lovely friends. I miss the days when I used to be so social I had to plan each night out. And that was only about a year ago. Life is much better now, but I don’t go out as often.

Thursday I spent the evening with my best friend Nikki and my sister. We sat and chatted everything wedding (she is recently engaged) and life for three and half hours. It was perfection. I don’t get to see Nikki often enough. Love her.

Friday I went to a pampered chef party with my friends. Not sure when I became the age where going to pampered chef parties are fun, but they really are! And any chance to see some of my favorite people is a good time.

Then, Saturday, yesterday, I spent the ENTIRE day at Disneyland with my aunts, cousin, and sister.

It was a lot of fun! We laughed and went on a lot of rides, ate yummy food, and cried a bit about missing Grandma. Then I got extremely tired and pretty grumpy because I was so exhausted after walking all day and being out so much this week.

So today, I am lying in bed with a sort of cold. I have to get better because I am going to New York soon and I can’t miss work for a sick day before then. So, I am taking a “sick day” today. On a Sunday. And, to be honest, it almost feels like a treat. It is cloudy and a bit rainy outside, quiet in the apartment, and I have loads of TV to watch on my DVR. What could be better? It is how I wish I could spend every Sunday.

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