Saturday, September 25, 2010

There's one more angel in Heaven

A very good friend passed away on Sunday and it broke my heart. The friend who passed was Marty Randant. I considered him a second father/uncle figure in my life. Marty lost a battle to cancer way too young. He was one of the best men I’ve ever known and was blessed to have known him. Marty came into my life as a mutual friend of my parents and then his daughter, Ashley, and I became very good friends for a few years. I spent at least three summers at the Randant’s house, staying there for entire weekends. Those weekends were always about family, fun, and relaxation with lots of hugs and laughter. The Randant's were very good to me. After my friendship grew apart with Ashley I still regularly saw Marty and Norma for breakfasts and what not. The last time I got together with them for breakfast was about a year ago and we planned to have a Bond movie marathon day because Marty couldn’t believe I had never seen any. He had already picked out about three of them for us to watch. I wish we had done that. I am so sad he is gone and that I won’t be at his funeral. Marty will be missed.

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