Monday, September 6, 2010

Ray: a drop of golden sun

Today is the last day of summer and that makes me really happy. This weekend was the first hint of Fall weather, which makes me even happier! I hate summer and I am glad it’s gone. Although August was still tough for me, as it is every year, this summer was a good one. I went to Vegas twice, was in my best friend’s wedding, spent time in Texas with lots of family, saw movies by myself, and spent countless hours with my amazing coworkers who I call friends (and support system). I also spent good quality time with my loving family. My favorite family day was probably when we went to Dana Point for Dad’s birthday because we laid around the hotel room staring at the ocean and it was easy and sweet.

This Labor Day weekend I was at home. I hadn’t been home in seven weeks, which is definitely a record for the last couple of years. Last night I spent the evening with my family barbecuing and watching Big Brother with my adorable dog Lucy lying on my foot. I drove back up to my LA life this morning and went straight to work (that’s right, I had to work while you had the day off… and I don’t even work in an emergency or commission line of work). Although early, the drive up was lovely. There is something so calming and enjoyable about driving alongside the coast, with no traffic, and good songs on the radio.

Tonight I am ending Labor Day sitting in my great red chair, writing this blog on my new laptop (my first… bought it on Saturday), watching TV on my new (and also first) flat screen, and looking forward to climbing into my freshly washed sheets.

How did you end your Labor Day weekend?

P.S. There was also a random theme of Sound of Music this weekend. Love that movie! The key to a good childhood is to watch as many Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals as often as possible.

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