Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Love grows best in small houses

My mom always used to say "love grows best in small houses."

The picture above makes me very happy. It is my parents' house from google map from several years ago. The white car in the drive way was the one I used to drive. My sister's is next to it and my good friend, Nikki's, is parked on the curb. It makes me happy because I have so many good memories with Nikki and my family at my house. I can remember joy and laughter and laziness. Things that the idea of home is made of.

I am dreaming of homes today. Probably because I feel so homey in my newly decorated room and will even more so after I get cable on Saturday morning. But the real reason is because one of my favorite houses is for sale and I wish I could buy it. I drive past about six houses that I absolutely love on my way home from work every evening. Each one makes me imagine a different life. One is the sweet starter home (which ironically is the one that's for sale), one is the guest house home, one is the home where I would learn to love gardening and outside decorating (yeah right), one is the white picket fence house, and one is the place to raise a family of many kids who play outside and read stories before bed.

I am crazy, I know. I can accept that.

(My ideas of home today is partially due to NieNie's home tour found here).

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