Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The little church who shouldn't

Today I read about the small church in Gainesville, FL who is planning to burn the Quran (Koran… I don’t even know which is proper spelling). I am so frustrated about this! This small group of people are making a bad name for the body of Christ. Why do Christians do this? The worst part is that they are “praying” for direction about not to do it… why not pray for forgiveness and don’tdo it? There is no way the Lord blesses what they are planning to do. Spreading violence and hate is not what God calls us to as acts of obedience. God says to “love mercy” and to “love your enemies.” The Lord will bring justice on His own.

It is acts like this that give Christians such a bad name. All this “demonstration” is going to do is alienate people, make a bad name for God and those who follow Him, and give the government even more reason to protect non-Christians from Christians. I will be praying from now until Sept 11th (the day the demonstration is planned for) that this group of people will not go through with their bad plan. I will also begin praying that their bad decision will not bring down an entire division of Christians. Plus, I will pray that if this demonstration does happen that Christians will be safe from persecution, especially Christians who had nothing to do with the group in Gainesville.

Overall, I just pray that people will understand Christians are not perfect. We are saved, and that is precisely because we are not perfect. Only the Lord is perfect. I also hope people know that many Christians (me and my church and my friends included) think the little church in Gainesville, FL is wrong. Burning the Koran is not what Jesus had in mind as an act of following Him.

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