Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kick the mean boys in the shins.

This is what my mom, sister and I say to each other when we need some encouragement in the face of challenge… mostly challenges with people when we are feeling overwhelmed or discouraged. It has nothing to do with gender. We use it about boys and girls. It is more a state of mind. It’s like saying “pull yourself together, suck it up, and move on because you will survive this and rise above the rest.”

See how much easier it is to just say “kick the mean boys in the shins?”

It’s from One Fine Day. George Clooney (you knew he’d show up on the blog again soon) says this to his daughter, Mae Whitman (currently in Parenthood), when he leaves her at the 9th Street Drop In center. Michele Pfeiffer rolls her eyes at his “pep talk” fatherly advice in the face of bullies.

But my family apparently loves it.

Kick the mean boys in the shins.

Say it with me.

“Kick the mean boys in the shins.”

Feel better?

I do.

Say it when you’re stressed. Say it when you’re angry. Say it when you’re intimidated.

It’s essentially the same idea behind this adorable print found on Joanna’s blog.

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