Saturday, September 18, 2010

A great way to start Saturday

Well, aside from waking up far too early on a Saturday morning, it has been excellent so far!
The Time Warner cable guy arrived 30 minutes early and without calling, which is technically great. I prayed that God would have the cable guy arrive at the beginning of his time slot (9-12) because I have plans at 12:30.

He arrived so early that I was literally naked when he knocked on the door and I yelled through the door asking for five minutes. Embarrassing, but at least I had showered. All in the name of cable.
It's always a bit awkward when a complete stranger is wandering from room to room of your house. You don't quite know what to do with yourself or where to go or what to say. So, I made myself some tea, set my laptop up on our kitchen table and enjoyed a leisurely morning of read blogs.

I wish I could start everyday like this, with some lovely Godly women sharing spiritual insights that I was encouraged by on their blogs.
I was reminded the cable guy was still here when he turned on college football in the living room and continued to work. It is kind of endearing that boys will always be boys and choose sports. I can't blame him. I would turn on something I want to watch while I work too.
Now, he is gone, the house is silent, and I am signing off to go join the two dimensional people. I may never join the three dimensional people again. Cable has taken over.

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Jenna said...

You make me smile a lot.

Boys will be boys.... and somehow reading blogs makes our hearts smile a little more.

Miss you miss.