Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fiction: about Skype

Imagine a woman with a diamond ring on her left hand. Every Wednesday night she makes sure she is home by seven, sitting at her desk, computer turned on. She is waiting for a Skype call. Her husband is calling from Afghanistan. They both live for these short calls. Married for three years and living apart for six months, Wednesday nights are almost religious. They start their conversations with “I love you,” because neither knows how unexpectedly it could end. An emergency or a power outage are very valid options. They are glad to see one another on screen. His eyes, showing more exhaustion and pain with each week. Her smile, looking shakier and forced with each goodbye. The conversations don’t last long; maybe fifteen minutes at most, usually about her week…his life is too scary for her to hear about from so far away. Regardless of how mundane, it is these Skype video calls that keep him focused, centered, and calm, and keep her breathing a sigh of relief that he is one week closer to making it home again.

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Rachel said...

Can you finish this please? Or can you write a story for me and then send it to me? Oh and by the way I completely expect to receive signed copies of all the books you ever write...okay...okay :-)