Monday, September 27, 2010

DWTS: Team Ballin'

I (heart) Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas.

For real.

A few weeks ago I even dreamed that Mark Ballas asked me out. I also hoped Dancing with the Stars would pair them together - and that was before my slight obsession.

I follow Mark Ballas on Twitter (which, by the way, following people on Twitter is very fun and kind of surreal) and it has been cute to see all his tweets this week about he and Bristol. He posted this adorable picture and called her "gorgeous."

Now doesn't that just make you want them to date? :)

Other than hoping they make it far into the competition, I hope the media will focus on Bristol and not her mom for the rest of the show. Sarah visited the set on tonight's episode and it has already been reported that people booed. I respect Sarah Palin, but I hope this show gives Bristol her own "media identity" separate from her mom and her ex-sleaze bag fiance.

Now go vote!

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Rachel said...

You're ridiculous...that's all