Sunday, August 8, 2010

Top Ten: By 30th birthday

Top Ten: Things I want to do (or learn) before my 30th birthday

1. No longer feel guilty when I call in sick to work.
2. Read all 6 Jane Austen novels.
3. Go on a road trip (even if it is just the classic “drive up the coast to San Fran”).
4. Be published.
5. Cook a Thanksgiving dinner (doesn’t have to even be on Thanksgiving day).
6. Know how to handle my anxiety.
7. Fly a kite on the beach.
8. Live by myself.
9. Go away for a weekend alone.
10. Meet George Clooney. Thought about saying “run away with George Clooney,” but that’s probably too far fetched.

(note: I won't be 30 for five years).


Rachel said...

I'm pretty sure...yep very sure that I can help you accomplish all of these goals...well George might be a bit tough, but I will try my darndest!!!!!!

Shannon Rose said...

I love your list. By the way, I recently finished the second item, and highly recommend it. :)