Tuesday, August 17, 2010

To the Bristol Palin's of the world,

(and the daughters of coworkers who were also recently dumped - out of the blue - by jerks)

Please know that you can do better than the guy who broke your heart. Don't go back out with him. It seems there is an entire generation of young women who don't believe they are worth more than a guy who lies to them and breaks their heart. You can. You are young. There are many more men out there to date. In fact, as one of my coworkers pointed out to her daughter, you need to wait for the men, because the one who just broke your heart was a boy. I know that when a girl is in love she truly believes there will never be anyone better than that guy, but trust me – trust all women who have fallen in love more than once – there will be another guy. A better guy. In fact, he’ll love you even more than the one who just broke your heart… and you will love him more too.

Also, it is okay to be single. Hard to imagine, I know. Being single teaches you a lot of things and also lets you experience a lot of growing up that seems skipped in some ways when you’re in a relationship. Embrace it.

Here’s my advice: respect yourself.

Leave behind any guy who lies to you, cheats on you, disrespects your family, and makes you feel like you are anything less than a princess.

Cry about your break up, sit in your sadness for a while, and then, blow your nose, wipe your eyes and turn on the Kelly Clarkson song, “Since You’ve Been Gone” and put away all the pictures of your ex. Then, live the rest of your life. Find out what you like to do, what food you like to eat, go to the movies by yourself, spend a Saturday with your girlfriends, hang out with your family. And someday, probably sooner than you’ll realize, you will discover that you’re happy.

Then – and only then – you can date someone new.



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Nicole said...

i love this. this needs to be read by teenagers and young adults everywhere. love!