Sunday, August 22, 2010

Roommates of 2007-2008

Dear Em, Ilise, and Rachel,

This weekend I found myself really really really missing the days when the four of us lived together. Out of the last six years that I have lived here in LA, that year was by far the best. It was so wonderful to always come home to laughter, noise, smiles, hugs, dinner conversations, and adventures. I miss how we all made dinner together (even if we were making our own meals) and chatted for hours after work/school. I miss our old apartment and how we used to sit out on the porch at night. I miss going to Montana's and then stopping for cheap Mexican food. I miss Saturdays full of nothing-ness including marathon episodes of Gilmore Girls. I miss the short time we all watched The Bachelorette together.

But most of all, I just miss living with my best friends when the only people we really wanted to be with (most of the time) was each other.

That year was the most "home" I've ever had here in LA and I wish we could have it back.

Love you ladies,



Rachel said...

Well if your goal was to make me want to cry, congrats, you succeeded. I love you all so very much and I do miss those days as well...shhhh, don't tell Jason lol

Emily said...

Those days were so much fun! I will always look back and smile! :)