Monday, August 30, 2010

The Owl Box

This is too funny. My mom has been telling me about this family of owls that’s all the rage in San Marcos (in San Diego county). A family in San Marcos has a box of owls who visit their barn and have decided to make their home there. I read it is the second time these owls have decided to start their family in this barn.

The father is McGee, the mother is Molly, and there are four babies: Carrie, Ashley, Emily, and Jody. Ironically, my sister’s name is Ashley and one of my roommates is named Emily. Funny, huh? Sadly, Jody and Emily have passed away, but Carrie and Ashley are left (being the survivors that those named Carrie and Ashley are). It’s no wonder why my mom loves to check in on these little owlets. See why living in San Diego is the best?

Here is the video link to the 24 hour live feed.

The Facebook page.

The blog.

And one of many articles written by SD news sources about this little owl family.

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