Monday, August 30, 2010

An Open Letter to some at the Emmys

Claire Danes – you were the best dressed hands down. Gorgeous. So glad to see you win as well because you are one of my favorite actresses and I don’t see you in enough!

Jimmy Fallon – love your impressions of people (you were even more amazing on America’s Got Talent this week!).

Tom Hanks – always a class act.

Mad Men – I think I need to finally watch an episode… maybe I’ll get cable?

Kate Gosselin - who knew you could be so glamorous?

Conan O’Brien – sorry, but I am glad the Emmy voters rose above the scuffle between you and Jay Leno. He is not the villain, but say what you want about NBC (when your contract allows you, that is).

Julie Bowen – I’ve never known you before tonight because I am one of the few who don’t watch Modern Family, but you are beautiful. So gorgeous. My friends say you are normal, real life pretty. Trust me, we think that’s a compliment.

David Strathairn – also, had no idea who you are and I didn’t see your movie (but want to), however, your acceptance speech was one of my favorites. It touched me when you spoke about teachers who open something in you that you didn’t know was there.

The Cast of Glee – you were robbed. You guys should have swept all 19 of your nominations. Very fun intro with Jimmy Fallon.

Juliana Margulies – amazing tribute opener for our dear friend, George. You two have great chemistry and it is fun to see you both together. Also, wish you had won for “The Good Wife.”
George Clooney – sad you didn’t walk the red carpet, but grateful not to see your Italian girlfriend. Your speech was touching, your humbleness endearing, and your passion inspirational. More reasons to make my heart patter.

"Here's hoping that some very bright person right here in the room or at home watching can help find a way to keep the spotlight burning on these heartbreaking situations that continue to be heartbreaking long after the cameras go away. That'd be an impressive accomplishment," George Clooney

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