Saturday, August 28, 2010

Weekend Round Up

It’s only Saturday night and I’ve already had quite the weekend.

I went with my friend Teri to see Inception last night. It was a really good movie, but for me, it was pretty rough to watch. If you ever want to know what a panic attack feels like go see it. I felt like I was in a panic attack the whole time and when the movie was over my head was in a very bad, anxiety-stricken, fearful place. I knew I couldn’t go home to be alone and luckily that didn’t happen… which is when the night became hilarious.

When Teri went to her car after the movie, she found hundreds of ants all over it! It was so gross! She had parked below a tree and bushes, so a huge line of ants had marched all over her car in the three hours we were gone.

Of course, she called me to come see and then we realized there was no way she should open the door and drive home, because what if they all got in her car?! So, we went to Home Depot (in my car) and bought four cans of Raid. We used two and sprayed down her car in then middle of the parking lot. It was too funny. Then we had hundreds of dead ants, and off to the do it yourself car wash we went. You know those cement cells that you can drop quarters in and wash your car? Yeah, that’s where we went… at 10:30 at night.

It was too funny trying to figure out how to work the wash and get tokens out of dollars and then we made wax come out of the hose rather than soap and water! Too fun. Definitely a memory and definitely a way to help to relax from my anxiety attack.

Afterward, we needed some food, so we went to Chili’s where I ordered a drink (you know the kind). The night gets even better, because my drink was no longer on the menu and when I ordered it, the waiter mocked my choice! He said that’s the drink everyone sends back and asked if I was sure I really wanted that one. Then, after I confidently said yes, he brought it and said even the bartender made fun of it. (note, it used to be called a Calypso Cooler and is something like rum, orange juice, schnapps, and grenadine). Teri cracked up.

Now today I spent a lovely afternoon with my friend, Nichol. We strolled Bath and Body Works and Barnes and Noble and then went to see The Switch, which I expected to think was lame, but was actually one of the best romantic comedies I’ve seen in a long time – and I don’t even like Jennifer Aniston (sorry, Nichol, Ashley, and Mom). We were relived it was so good because the critics have panned it and it’s done really poorly at the box office. It even prompted someone to write an article about America dumping Jennifer Aniston, which is how this text between Nichol and I came about:

Overall, it’s been a nice and challenging weekend. I’m glad I didn’t end up going to San Diego just to escape lonely days, because they turned out to be filled with great friends. :)


Sarah said...

I'm bummed I missed out on all this fun! HILARIOUS!!

nichol said...

the picture of the ants on the car is even worse than I imagined it in real life. I find myself looking closely at the hood of my car before I get in it now...