Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Chilean miners

Can we just talk about the Chilean miners for a minute? First of all, I live under a rock (no pun intended) called Pop Culture, and didn’t even know about these men until yesterday. I am completely ashamed to admit that, by the way.

These 33 men are trapped 2300 feet under ground with a very small hole that they are being passed food and water through. They’ve been trapped under ground for 20 days already and the worst part is it may take three to four months until they will be rescued! Three to four months?! Are you kidding me?! To make it even worse, the men don’t yet know how long their rescue is going to take.

I can’t even imagine this scenario. Can’t imagine the smells, the claustrophobia, the conflict or bonding between men, the heat, and the dark. Can’t.Even.Fathom. First of all, it is completely ridiculous that it could take months to get them out, but I understand what a careful process it has to be so they don’t all die. I think we need to send anti-depressants down that small hole for each man. They are going to go crazy being stuck together – in the dark – for months. I would! Plus, they need something to do and some counseling sessions and possibly conflict management lessons.

The whole thing is just crazy and makes me so sad for them. I’ve even started praying for these men and their endurance and patience and sanity and their families above the rock.

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Amy Fields said...

I have been thinking about them a lot too!!! Talk about putting our lives in perspective. The small space is not my biggest concern though... let's just say it... where is the poop going??? Scary thought.
On a not-quite related note- also been praying a lot for Muslims lately, as they are observing Ramadan.