Monday, August 30, 2010

An Open Letter to some at the Emmys

Claire Danes – you were the best dressed hands down. Gorgeous. So glad to see you win as well because you are one of my favorite actresses and I don’t see you in enough!

Jimmy Fallon – love your impressions of people (you were even more amazing on America’s Got Talent this week!).

Tom Hanks – always a class act.

Mad Men – I think I need to finally watch an episode… maybe I’ll get cable?

Kate Gosselin - who knew you could be so glamorous?

Conan O’Brien – sorry, but I am glad the Emmy voters rose above the scuffle between you and Jay Leno. He is not the villain, but say what you want about NBC (when your contract allows you, that is).

Julie Bowen – I’ve never known you before tonight because I am one of the few who don’t watch Modern Family, but you are beautiful. So gorgeous. My friends say you are normal, real life pretty. Trust me, we think that’s a compliment.

David Strathairn – also, had no idea who you are and I didn’t see your movie (but want to), however, your acceptance speech was one of my favorites. It touched me when you spoke about teachers who open something in you that you didn’t know was there.

The Cast of Glee – you were robbed. You guys should have swept all 19 of your nominations. Very fun intro with Jimmy Fallon.

Juliana Margulies – amazing tribute opener for our dear friend, George. You two have great chemistry and it is fun to see you both together. Also, wish you had won for “The Good Wife.”
George Clooney – sad you didn’t walk the red carpet, but grateful not to see your Italian girlfriend. Your speech was touching, your humbleness endearing, and your passion inspirational. More reasons to make my heart patter.

"Here's hoping that some very bright person right here in the room or at home watching can help find a way to keep the spotlight burning on these heartbreaking situations that continue to be heartbreaking long after the cameras go away. That'd be an impressive accomplishment," George Clooney

The Owl Box

This is too funny. My mom has been telling me about this family of owls that’s all the rage in San Marcos (in San Diego county). A family in San Marcos has a box of owls who visit their barn and have decided to make their home there. I read it is the second time these owls have decided to start their family in this barn.

The father is McGee, the mother is Molly, and there are four babies: Carrie, Ashley, Emily, and Jody. Ironically, my sister’s name is Ashley and one of my roommates is named Emily. Funny, huh? Sadly, Jody and Emily have passed away, but Carrie and Ashley are left (being the survivors that those named Carrie and Ashley are). It’s no wonder why my mom loves to check in on these little owlets. See why living in San Diego is the best?

Here is the video link to the 24 hour live feed.

The Facebook page.

The blog.

And one of many articles written by SD news sources about this little owl family.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Newsweek's TV questionnaire (because it's Emmy night)

Questions taken from this article, which is a fun read because it includes Anderson Cooper and Bethenny Frankel.

What's your favorite current TV show, and why?
Glee or Castle. Glee because I love the musical performances and Lea Michele’s voice kills me it’s so good. That show just makes me happy. Plus, I love the cast as a whole. Castle because it has a little bit of everything: family, crime, romance, writing, and humor.

What's your secret, guilty-pleasure show?
Right now: Bachelor Pad.

Who's your favorite TV character?
Probably Kate Beckett from Castle. But, there was a pretty lame show on over the summer, Scoundrels, and the lead character, Virginia Madsen, reminded me that there are better parts for women on TV than the movies. Her character was great and well acted.
But, favorite TV character of all time is probably Jordan McDeere from Studio Sixty on the Sunset Strip.

Which TV character do you hate the most?
Meredith Grey (Grey’s Anatomy). She is whiny, weak, and selfish. But, runor has it she is leaving the show. Now McDreamy can move on.

What show are you most looking forward to in the new season?
Well, actual new shows, as in newly introduced, I’m looking forward to watching Blood Bloods or My Generation. Returning shows, I’m looking forward to Private Practice and Grey’s Anatomy. Those finales had me on the edge of my seat, crying, and yelling at the TV, so I have to see what happens next!

What's your favorite show no longer in production?
Studio Sixty on the Sunset Strip. No question.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Weekend Round Up

It’s only Saturday night and I’ve already had quite the weekend.

I went with my friend Teri to see Inception last night. It was a really good movie, but for me, it was pretty rough to watch. If you ever want to know what a panic attack feels like go see it. I felt like I was in a panic attack the whole time and when the movie was over my head was in a very bad, anxiety-stricken, fearful place. I knew I couldn’t go home to be alone and luckily that didn’t happen… which is when the night became hilarious.

When Teri went to her car after the movie, she found hundreds of ants all over it! It was so gross! She had parked below a tree and bushes, so a huge line of ants had marched all over her car in the three hours we were gone.

Of course, she called me to come see and then we realized there was no way she should open the door and drive home, because what if they all got in her car?! So, we went to Home Depot (in my car) and bought four cans of Raid. We used two and sprayed down her car in then middle of the parking lot. It was too funny. Then we had hundreds of dead ants, and off to the do it yourself car wash we went. You know those cement cells that you can drop quarters in and wash your car? Yeah, that’s where we went… at 10:30 at night.

It was too funny trying to figure out how to work the wash and get tokens out of dollars and then we made wax come out of the hose rather than soap and water! Too fun. Definitely a memory and definitely a way to help to relax from my anxiety attack.

Afterward, we needed some food, so we went to Chili’s where I ordered a drink (you know the kind). The night gets even better, because my drink was no longer on the menu and when I ordered it, the waiter mocked my choice! He said that’s the drink everyone sends back and asked if I was sure I really wanted that one. Then, after I confidently said yes, he brought it and said even the bartender made fun of it. (note, it used to be called a Calypso Cooler and is something like rum, orange juice, schnapps, and grenadine). Teri cracked up.

Now today I spent a lovely afternoon with my friend, Nichol. We strolled Bath and Body Works and Barnes and Noble and then went to see The Switch, which I expected to think was lame, but was actually one of the best romantic comedies I’ve seen in a long time – and I don’t even like Jennifer Aniston (sorry, Nichol, Ashley, and Mom). We were relived it was so good because the critics have panned it and it’s done really poorly at the box office. It even prompted someone to write an article about America dumping Jennifer Aniston, which is how this text between Nichol and I came about:

Overall, it’s been a nice and challenging weekend. I’m glad I didn’t end up going to San Diego just to escape lonely days, because they turned out to be filled with great friends. :)

Sushi dinner

Last Saturday I went over to my friend Reiko's house with another friend, Julie, and we all made sushi. Reiko is Japanese so she was able to fill us in on all the ingredients and techniques. It was so yummy!  Here are some pictures of my roll making experience. :)

The feast:

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Chilean miners

Can we just talk about the Chilean miners for a minute? First of all, I live under a rock (no pun intended) called Pop Culture, and didn’t even know about these men until yesterday. I am completely ashamed to admit that, by the way.

These 33 men are trapped 2300 feet under ground with a very small hole that they are being passed food and water through. They’ve been trapped under ground for 20 days already and the worst part is it may take three to four months until they will be rescued! Three to four months?! Are you kidding me?! To make it even worse, the men don’t yet know how long their rescue is going to take.

I can’t even imagine this scenario. Can’t imagine the smells, the claustrophobia, the conflict or bonding between men, the heat, and the dark. Can’t.Even.Fathom. First of all, it is completely ridiculous that it could take months to get them out, but I understand what a careful process it has to be so they don’t all die. I think we need to send anti-depressants down that small hole for each man. They are going to go crazy being stuck together – in the dark – for months. I would! Plus, they need something to do and some counseling sessions and possibly conflict management lessons.

The whole thing is just crazy and makes me so sad for them. I’ve even started praying for these men and their endurance and patience and sanity and their families above the rock.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Roommates of 2007-2008

Dear Em, Ilise, and Rachel,

This weekend I found myself really really really missing the days when the four of us lived together. Out of the last six years that I have lived here in LA, that year was by far the best. It was so wonderful to always come home to laughter, noise, smiles, hugs, dinner conversations, and adventures. I miss how we all made dinner together (even if we were making our own meals) and chatted for hours after work/school. I miss our old apartment and how we used to sit out on the porch at night. I miss going to Montana's and then stopping for cheap Mexican food. I miss Saturdays full of nothing-ness including marathon episodes of Gilmore Girls. I miss the short time we all watched The Bachelorette together.

But most of all, I just miss living with my best friends when the only people we really wanted to be with (most of the time) was each other.

That year was the most "home" I've ever had here in LA and I wish we could have it back.

Love you ladies,


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Redecorated room

Finally, pictures of my redecorated room!!!

A huge THANK YOU to my good friend, Nichol, who gave up an entire Saturday to help me and offered great ideas, inspiration, and muscle to our project. I could not have done it without her.

First, the before (didn’t take very many… sorry!):

Then, after moving furniture, two trips to Target, a long time in Ikea, a trip to Office Max, Best Buy, and Aaron Brothers, building a bookcase, and attempting to hang pictures (those will happen later), here is the after:

Above was the four wall view. Below are some "special touch" explanations...

Nichol thought to put both lamps on my desk to frame and balance my computer. She also gave them some height using a few of my hardback classic books. Love this!

I love my bookcases! I bought a third one and it really elongates the room. I learned through this project that bookshelves really are pieces of art. They add color and design automatically, which is great. In the center there are two framed pictures. They are wedding photos of my Great-Grandma/Grandpa and my Grandma/Grandpa on their wedding days. I've wanted to do that for a long time. I also want to add my parents and my grandparents and great grandparents from the other side of the family. Someday I hope to have a whole wall of old family photographs.

These are the pictures I will be hanging. The frame you can't see is a photo that holds 16 pictures, which I will fill with photos of my trips to New York (NY is a theme in my room). The big black and white photo is of Central Park in the winter with a view of The Plaza. I bought it at Aaron Brothers and will hang it on the wall next to my bed. Below that photo I will hang five New Yorker covers (which are the bottom two frames in the above pic). The frame on the right spells "Carrie" in door knobs and stair rails and was a birthday gift from my parents. I love it and will hang it over the entrance to my room.

Finally, in prepping my room to take these pictures I had to hide some clutter and regular pieces of stuff that sit on my desk, etc. I had a whole new appreciation for bedroom magazine spreads. I never realized how much regular living clutter they have to remove to take such elegant pictures. No one's house regularly looks that perfect when lived in. So, in an effort toward full disclosure, here is what my room regularly looks like:

Stuff next to the desk that I haven't yet found a space for...
I've been pushing my ottoman to act as a nightstand for my phone and remotes at night. It makes for less clutter in my room to use it as an all purpose item. The book is Elizabeth Gilbert's "Committed" that I just started this week.

So there you have it!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Workplace silliness

I often mention how great the people I work with are and how much I enjoy my job. So after a great day at the office - full of post it note jokes, using a pair of pliers to crack open almonds, rebelliously painting three walls, and being encouraged at a staff devotion - I thought I'd give you some photographic proof: 

 Yep, I am pretty blessed.

To the Bristol Palin's of the world,

(and the daughters of coworkers who were also recently dumped - out of the blue - by jerks)

Please know that you can do better than the guy who broke your heart. Don't go back out with him. It seems there is an entire generation of young women who don't believe they are worth more than a guy who lies to them and breaks their heart. You can. You are young. There are many more men out there to date. In fact, as one of my coworkers pointed out to her daughter, you need to wait for the men, because the one who just broke your heart was a boy. I know that when a girl is in love she truly believes there will never be anyone better than that guy, but trust me – trust all women who have fallen in love more than once – there will be another guy. A better guy. In fact, he’ll love you even more than the one who just broke your heart… and you will love him more too.

Also, it is okay to be single. Hard to imagine, I know. Being single teaches you a lot of things and also lets you experience a lot of growing up that seems skipped in some ways when you’re in a relationship. Embrace it.

Here’s my advice: respect yourself.

Leave behind any guy who lies to you, cheats on you, disrespects your family, and makes you feel like you are anything less than a princess.

Cry about your break up, sit in your sadness for a while, and then, blow your nose, wipe your eyes and turn on the Kelly Clarkson song, “Since You’ve Been Gone” and put away all the pictures of your ex. Then, live the rest of your life. Find out what you like to do, what food you like to eat, go to the movies by yourself, spend a Saturday with your girlfriends, hang out with your family. And someday, probably sooner than you’ll realize, you will discover that you’re happy.

Then – and only then – you can date someone new.



(photo found here).

Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Sunday sermon...

...because tomorrow I will forget and will need to be reminded again and again and again.

I am the daughter of a Living God. A God who remembers that I am dust. That I am nothing. That I have more sin in me than even I am aware of or can handle. He knows that I can never be perfect, even if I tried really, really hard. I am the daughter of a Heavenly Father who has more love for me than I could ever understand. More love for me than there are grains of sand over every piece of beach on this world. I am the daughter of a Lord who bestows more grace than I can ever contain. My cup runeth over with grace. He forgave me before I was born. He has already forgiven me for every bad thing I could ever do, word I could ever say, or thought I could ever think. God forgave me when he sent his son Jesus to die on the cross for my sins. It was all forgiven that day.

The Lord knows I am not perfect, but loves me anyway. There is nothing I can ever do to fully repay Him, but the amazing thing is that he’ll take what I’ve got to offer. All God asks of me is to give Him my whole life. To ask Him into my heart and to live for him everyday. He asks me to let Him have control. To give him my wants, thoughts, anger, joy, money, future, job, past, relationships, and family. God asks me to wake up everyday and to obey Him, as outlined in His word. But his two greatest commandments are this: Love God. Love others. Period. That’s it. That’s life. That’s my purpose. That’s His will. Anything that subtracts from that or clouds that is my own sin. My own cloudiness of judgment. My own issue. And all I have to do is look to Him and be reminded: Love Him. Love others.

Easier said than done.

I not only fail every day, I fail every hour. There is a hymn that says “I need Thee every hour” and that is my truth. But that’s the beauty of God, He doesn’t ask me to try alone. He knows I am not up to the task. But with Him – His grace, His discipline, His mercy, His kindness, and His Kingdom of believers – I can do it.

It’s simple really.

He loved me enough to die for me and make a place for me in Heaven, so in return I love Him enough to follow what He says with my measly life everyday… ever hour… and when I continue to fall, He reaches out His hand and helps me up and walks beside me.
One of the best truths I’ve ever learned is that God doesn’t ask us to look out at our road and see how far we still have yet to go before he takes us home. No, God asks us to take it – to take life – one step at a time. One day at a time. One hour at a time. And before you know it, you will look behind you and see how far he has brought you. What he’s brought you through. You’ll realize you’re still walking. You’re still standing. You’re still loved by Him. And in that small moment, all will be okay. In that small moment, you will be content and loved and renewed for the rest of the steps ahead… one by one… while walking with God.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

When reality, politics, religion, and many children collide

TLC announced that this fall that Sarah Palin’s show, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” will air an episode where the Palin family goes camping with the Gosselin family.

Let that sink in for a second.

Picture it in your head.

Imagine all those kids, running around, shrieking of laughter, mud on their clothes, while Sarah and Kate grill up some hot dogs as Todd Palin sets up enough tents to sleep a small army.

It is going to be awesome. I. Can’t. Wait.

Finally a convincing reason to get cable.

Meteor Shower

I read that there is a meteor shower tonight. I’ve never seen a meteor shower… I’m not even sure I’ve seen a shooting star. I guess that’s what happens when you live in the city. Here in the city we sing songs with lyrics like this : "can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars..."

Tonight I wish I could take a pick up truck full of friends to a deserted area, preferably up a mountain, around 3am, and have all of us lay in the back covered in a quilt looking up at the sky. Doesn’t that sound perfect?

I think it would feel like this:

(photos found here and here).

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"Carrie's fabulous room makeover"

Saturday is the day of “Carrie’s fabulous room makeover” with my great friend, Nichol. I am so excited to spend the day together and be creative and let Nichol work her magic. Not sure yet what we’re going to do with my room. I know I want a photo wall and that’s about it. No matter what we decide, it is simply time for a change and to organize the mess.

Pictures to follow…

Note: archived posts about decorating, designs, and dreams here, here, herehere, here, and here

(photo found here).

Something about work

Work is life
And life is work.

Friends are life
And friends are work.

Family’s life
And family’s work.

Babies are life
And babies are work.

Writing is life
And writing is work.

Maturing is life
And maturing is work.

Poetry is life
And poetry is work.

Work is work
And work is work

And people at work
Are now my life.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Application to date

In honor of last week's finale of The Bachelorette and tonight's premiere of Bachelor Pad... as well as the joke that single girls have "dating applications"... as well as their Dad's...and because nearly every week a new online dating service launches... here is my application:

(all in good fun, right?)

Required questions - these will be used to weed out incompatible matches
Birth date (if born before the year 1961 please stop filling this out now):
Current city of residence:

Yes or No questions:
Willing to relocate to Southern California:
Have you always been straight?
Do you like to cook?
Do you believe in splitting domestic and child-rearing responsibilities?
Are you hoping to get married some day?
Do you want to have kids one day?
If so, how many?
Have you seen any of the following movies: Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail, or While You Were Sleeping?

*If checked no to any of the above please stop filling out this form.

Questions of general interest (note: these questions are simply used to get to know you better):
Where did you grow up?
Do you still live at home with your parents?
How many siblings do you have?
Do you have a home church, if so, what is the name and city of the church?

Open ended questions (because I was an English major):
Please describe your spiritual walk.
Who is the person you most admire and why?
Who are you closest to in your family? Describe your relationship.
Did you go to college? (note: this is not a wrong answer question)
Did you graduate?
What is your dream job and why?
What is your current job and why?
What do you love about your job?
Where do you see yourself in five years?
Describe an experience in your life that made you grow.
What do you like to do for fun?
Favorite place to visit?

Favorite food?
List three favorite movies.
List three favorite TV shows.
Best concert you’ve ever been too?
Favorite type of music?
It’s 10pm on a Wednesday, what are you doing?
It’s 10am on a Saturday, what are you doing?
Number one “if ever” celebrity:

References (must include phone number, facebook page, blog, or e-mail address):
Last three girlfriends:
Favorite grandparent:
Teacher who gave you your lowest grade:
Pastor/Small group leader:
Three best friends:
Closest girl who is a friend:

P.S. I dare you to fill it out.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Top Ten: By 30th birthday

Top Ten: Things I want to do (or learn) before my 30th birthday

1. No longer feel guilty when I call in sick to work.
2. Read all 6 Jane Austen novels.
3. Go on a road trip (even if it is just the classic “drive up the coast to San Fran”).
4. Be published.
5. Cook a Thanksgiving dinner (doesn’t have to even be on Thanksgiving day).
6. Know how to handle my anxiety.
7. Fly a kite on the beach.
8. Live by myself.
9. Go away for a weekend alone.
10. Meet George Clooney. Thought about saying “run away with George Clooney,” but that’s probably too far fetched.

(note: I won't be 30 for five years).

Politically-filled week = weekend of West Wing

I apologize for my lack of blogging recently. My social life has been keeping me busy.

My excuse for this weekend = The West Wing.

I am borrowing the first season from a friend and am obsessed. It is so similar to Studio 60, but in the White House, so of course it is a great show. I am now determined to figure out the names of the people in the current White House. It sounds strange, but I am learning so much about how the White House operates and the job titles, etc. Anyway, the show is great.

It just fits with the political theme I had last week between my feelings about Prop 8 being overturned and my relieved feelings about Bristol Palin breaking off her (second) engagement with Levi.

Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to go back to my show…