Monday, July 19, 2010

Simple. Calm. Easy.

Today I walked outside and was swept away with the peace of the morning. I wanted to sit down in the silent sunshine and just ponder. Absorb. Breathe. It was the first cool morning we’ve had in about a week and the campus was nearly empty, because it was only 8:30. The calmness of the venue and the soft sun and the cool temperature, it just begged to be enjoyed. It was simple and calm and easy.
These three words are what I desire for my life right now. Simple. Calm. Easy. Not sure how to make that happen, but I am working on it.
My weekend was a good start. It was the first weekend I had no real plans and didn’t have to run all over the place and I could just try to be and enjoy myself. I didn’t sleep as much as I needed, but I did take some “me time.” I spent Friday afternoon and Saturday morning just sitting and watching TV and veg-ing. I also went to Montana’s and danced with my friends and then went home to SD to see my best friend, Amy, and see a play at the Moonlight and have a late convo with our other good friend. Sunday brought a day mostly spent with Dad and a chance to see the family for a bit. It was all just what I needed to feel a bit more normal and set a slower pace for the next several weeks.
(photo taken by me in Newport).

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