Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A post of random thoughts...

Today I wore leggings. That's right, leggings. I'm not completely sure why, except that I have an office fashion icon (my friend, Marci) and she wears them with dresses and looks adorable, so I tried that today. I thought they might be uncomfortable and tight, but they were the opposite. They were super comfy. I felt a little tiny bit like Audrey Hepburn. But wearing them took me back...all the way back to age eight, when I used to wear nothing but leggings for pants. I hated jeans as a child and thought they were uncomfortable. My mom wasn't sure I'd ever grow out of my leggings phase. It is a phase I don't often remember, but something about the cotton hugging my calf brought it all back. Made me want to get my oversize Spottie Dottie sweater with some pink leggings and a side ponytail (yes, I really did wear that circa 1992).
I went to the grocery store yesterday (remember how I hate the grocery store?) and I could not bring myself to buy any kind of meat product. I'm not sure why. I envision eating it and it repulses me. I couldn't think about chicken or salmon to turkey or shrimp or even beef. (And no, I am not pregnant, that would take a miracle of Mary standards and that was a once in a lifetime event). I can't understand it except to say that I really think it has to do with the fact that I should eat better and cook and I don't really want to do either. That and the fact that I love pasta (although even last night I wasn't up to making that). Everything I make doesn't taste the way I wish and requires lots of dishes afterward. (Can I hire you as a personal chef? Maybe Bethenny Frankel?). In the end, I bought a bag of frozen scallops. Random, I know.
Today I read one of my favorite blogs, C Jane Enjoy It, and thought to myself "she is so happy" (read the end of this post for proof). Then I realized that all of my favorite bloggers are quite content with their lives, not only Courtney, but Stephanie, Ree, Nina, and Joanna. (Is it weird that I feel like we're all old friends?). I got a little jealous after reading Courtney's post. I also realized that all of them have lives that don't revolve around a job and not one of them lives alone (in fact all but one have kids). Their days often consist of errands and children and meals and family and visits with friends. I saw my friend, Sarah, for lunch today and her life consists of those things too and she also is very happy most the time, and even when she's not, she wouldn't change a thing about her life right now. I want that.
So my thought wasn't so much about quitting my job, grabbing the first man I see to marry me, and start popping out babies, rather, my thought was, do these people love their lives because it really is what they've always wanted? Or, do they love their lives because they have the right attitude? Does anyone even know the answer to that? Or is it both? Not sure, but very curious to find out. :)

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Kacie said...

Carrie! I just sa that you have a blog, and let me tell you, i LOVE a good blog. My usual "blog stalking" consists of Nie first, then Cjane, with a bit of Pioneerwoman and some others sprinled in there for good measure.
Can't wait to add yours to the mix!