Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What will it matter when I’m 80?

This is my new philosophy for how to make decisions and how to feel about things. Over the past week, I have begun to ask myself, "What will it matter on my 80th birthday?" I think this can be a pretty powerful question. It has a way of immediately defining what is important in life. It also seems to work with every situation or thought: friends, trips, bosses, weight, etc. This new thought has had a lot of impact on me.
I’ve had a situation at work this week that has been very difficult. It has stripped me of the joy I typically feel at work and I have been struggling this week to let it go and find my joy again. I am out of time to take off at work and I have a family trip to Texas planned in a couple weeks for my Nana's 80th birthday (which also would have been my Grandma's 80th birthday). Until today, I was sort of in a pickle about if I should risk my boss' opinion of me and go to Texas. For days I decided I wouldn't go and that my career is too important, especially what my bosses think. However, for the last couple of days, I began considering this trip as my 80 year old self, which has helped me realize that when I am 80, going to Texas to celebrate with my family will mean much more to me than my bosses’ opinion of me for two weeks in June of 2010.
Thinking in terms of being 80 reminds me of what is important, what my mission in life is (per say), which is to put relationships over duties, family over acquaintances, and eternal priorities over the “here and now” priorities. If I really believe that family and spending time with family is more important than work (which I do), then to live by what I believe means that I need to go to Texas.
So, today I spoke with my supervisor (again) about the trip and have been approved to go (thank goodness). I prayed about it so much, and am so grateful that my bosses okayed it.
This decision really made me think this week and reminded me that we should all live the lives we say we want to lead. There is no time like the present to start living intentionally.

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