Thursday, June 3, 2010

Vegas, baby

This is Rachel. She rocks. Isn't this the best picture you've ever seen? And, it was taken from my iPhone (they all were... sorry).
Rach was unhappy because the sign said not to sit or stand on this guy. When she touched it the whole thing wiggled and we shrieked in laughter and then we were grateful for the sign. LOL.

Margaritaville. One word: YUM.

Rach won $65 off $5. She was stoked. Money for her upcoming wedding. :)

Going out to Stoney's.
Riding the mechanical bull. Put the other girls to shame.

This statue cracked me up. Classic Vegas.

I'm not a huge Toby fan, but it cracked me up that Toby's restaurant reflects his song.

The long road home (looks just like the long road there).

I don't get out much, so I was really surprised that there us a California inspection for produce on the way back from Nevada.

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