Monday, June 21, 2010

Fair and Family

Oh goodness it has been a crazy and busy and stressful couple of weeks! There are many things going on and a few big decisions to be made. This weekend was so wonderful. It was exactly what I needed. I went home and got to see my parents and my dog and my sister, who I have missed since she moved out for the summer. I haven’t been home in about three weeks, so it was great to be there. My aunt and uncle and one of my cousins came to visit on Saturday. It was great to see them! My cousin and sister and I went to the beach. It was my first time there for the year and we laid out and I got super sunburned. It still hurts! It was so relaxing to lay on the beach, see the gorgeous water, and smell the ocean. The ocean always forces me to take a deep breath and to pause and thank God for His amazing creation, provision, and love. I need to ponder the Lord more often and take a deep breath in Him and His strength. After the beach, the whole family (including my sister’s boyfriend) went to Mexican food and shared laughter and margaritas.
On Sunday, my parents and sister and I went to the San Diego county fair (which will always be known to me as the Del Mar fair). It was perfect. I love the fair. It was a totally fitting way to celebrate father’s day, because the fair always has a way of reminding me of my Dad. He and I have always loved the fair. We used to go to concerts there, sometimes my sister and my mom would come, but a few times it was just us. We’d go to the fair, see a concert, and get ice cream before we left for home. My Dad looks forward to the fair almost as much as he looks forward to Disneyland. I also have tons of family memories at the fair. My sister and I usually take photo booth pictures – one strand to share and one to give to our mom. My mom and I have an awesome memory of stealing a page out of Vista High School’s yearbook so I could have a picture of my neighborhood crush, John. That has to be one of my top ten memories of my mom. It still cracks me up.
So Sunday just reminded me of all those great memories and it was nice to be the four of us and spend the day together. As usual, it was difficult to leave home. The weekend was exactly what I needed.
(photos: first one was taken by my on Saturday at the beach in Carlsbad - note, that is seaweed, not trash. The second photo was found here).

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