Monday, May 3, 2010

Top Ten: Favorite smells

(listed in no particular order)

1. lemon
2. Thanksgiving dinner cooking
3. babies
4. browning beef
5. lavender (even though when I wear it my mom and sister say I smell like an old lady)
6. books
7. rain
8. roses
9. fresh laundry (especially my Mom’s detergent - note: I do my own laundry, but often do it at my parents' house because it's free)
10. my Pantene Clarifying shampoo
(photo found here. Liked it because it uses lemons and umbrellas. :) )

1 comment:

Amy Fields said...

You should totally start making your own natural cleaning products! I use both lemon and lavender essential oils in just about everything I make. Both are antibacterial and anti-fungal... and even if you dont want to make your own cleaning products, you can buy the essential oils and add them to things like your dryer sheets and have your clothes come out smelling lovely! :)