Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Thank you to teachers

Today is National Teacher Day. So, here's a thank you to each one of my favorite teachers:
Miss Glover, 1st grade - For being the first woman (aside from my Mom) who I remember wanting to BE when I grew up, because she was kind, shy and single (first grade logic).
Ms. Wunderly, 5th grade - For introducing me to my favorite childhood author (Karen Heese), favorite literary time period (World War II), and for introducing me to the love of school and learning.
Mr. Costello, 6th - 8th grade, math - For welcoming laughter in the classroom, treating his students with respect, and for mentoring us through the awkward junior high years.
Mrs. Andrade, 10th grade science - For showing me you could be a Christian in a way that didn't push people away and still be intelligent, and for being confident in who she was so she could share herself with her students. Also, for being open with me about her faith and how it related to life and science after class.
Mrs. Yucas, 9th - 10th grade English - For teaching me how to write a good thesis statement, a good essay, and read good books. She is one person I would really like to get in touch with to let her know how well she prepared me and planted the seed of my passion for English.
Mrs. Kawano, 9th - 12th grade math - For her patience, humor, honesty, living authentically and for sharing her life with her students. She was the epitome of an informal mentor, someone I watched to see how she acted and responded and I learned a lot from the way she lived her life.
Ms. Le, 11th - 12th grade English – for being a big part of the reason I got a BA in English, for teaching me to love writing and literature, and for seeing my potential. Also, for bringing laughter into the classroom as often as possible.
Ms. Kanawi, 12th grade “philosophy” – For allowing me to express my opinions, even though they were completely opposite of her own, and for teaching me how to best express myself.
Mr. Canaletti, 11th grade drama – For bringing me out of my shell, teaching me to laugh, to take risks, and embrace life.
Mrs. Gerent, 11th - 12th grade, history –For always believing me and going the extra mile to prove it. For teaching me to embrace my passion for women’s rights. For exemplifying how to see people for who they are, rather than what they stand for.
Dr. Kern, English professor – For being my mentor in college, teaching me to think like a writer, and for encouraging me to listen to myself.
Professor Sorensen, Communications professor – For mentoring me professionally and being my friend, for seeing me (and her students) as equals, and for always being approachable.
Dr. Noble, English professor – For seeing me as a feminist, letting me find my voice, and for embracing my silly antics with Rachel.
Dr. Bentz, English professor – For teaching me what good literature is, how to teach it and read it.
Phil Shahbaz, Leadership professor – For helping me find my wings in college and forcing me to be brave.
Professor Wood, MAOL professor – For believing in me as a master’s student, despite my age and inexperience.
Dr. Kaak, MAOL professor – For teaching me about leadership, life purpose and to live authentically.


Jan said...

Wow . . . I wish they could all read this!

Rachel said...

Damn, I wish Noble could see this lol!!!