Friday, May 21, 2010


OMG, I saw the GLEE Live Tour last night and LOVED it! It brought out not only my inner theater geek, but also my twelve year old girl (hence the use of OMG). I actually squealed when I thought I saw Matthew Morrison (Mr. Shuster). It wasn’t actually him… I don’t think. I went with my co-worker Teri, and in true stalker fashion, we brought binoculars. That’s why I’m not sure I really saw Matthew Morrison. We also really thought we saw Jane Lynch (Sue Sylvester), but again, more binoculars and we changed our minds. Plus, she was kind of all over the place and right in front of the stage, yet none of the cast acknowledged her, so I really think it was just some Jane Lynch look alike. But, I did see the guy who plays Jesse in the show. I know it was him, not only because of the binoculars, but also the screaming fans and flashing cameras.
The show was so fun! The opening act was an incredible dance crew, LXD, that one of the guys from GLEE is in. They were awesome and I’m sure they’ll guest star on So You Think You Can Dance this season (totally my own guess). But even before that, as people found their seats, GLEE quotes and pictures from episodes were on the screen. There was a group of boys and girls who were about seven and they knew every single quote. It was hilarious. When the GLEE cast started there was an intro video by Mr. Shue and Sue. Everyone was in character and they wore the same costumes as the numbers in the show. They didn’t talk much, “just” sang and dance. I kept trying to see if it was pre-recorded, but no, with some microphone dysfunction and breathy voices at times from all the dancing, they really are singing. It is all natural talent. The triple threat, which made me love the show even more.
So yes, the cast really is talented and have amazing voices. They also seem to have a lot of fun together and group chemistry. The guy who plays Finn is cuter in person and has a better voice than I expected. Fans love Puck, who is just as cute as on TV. I realized how much I love Artie because every time he sang a solo I yelled and clapped. The silly cheerio, Brittany, is an amazing dancer. Mercedes voice is so smooth and powerful (and she was an American Idol reject). And, finally, my favorite, Rachel Berry (real name: Lea Michele), was INCREDIBLE. Her voice is beyond reason. LOVE it. She sang “Don’t Rain On My Parade” and blew everyone away.
The other cool part about the show was the audience. It was such a mix of people. You really saw all kinds of folks: old, young (literally, seven year olds and seventy year olds), parents, kids, black white, Asian, Mexican, gay, straight, Muslim, Christian, wheelchair bound, able-bodied, male, and female. Who knew, GLEE would bring so many people together? And all is the name of music, which is the coolest part, since I love music and support music education in schools. As I left I thought about how cool it would have been for a high school teacher to bring their arts students, just to show that it is important and beautiful.
It was a ton of fun and I wish I could see it every night they are in LA. Yay GLEE!
(Photo from here and cool reviews of last night's show here and here).

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Josh, Chrissie & Matthew said...

I'm a little jealous you got to go see that :-P I would LOVE to go!!!! I'm a gleek - I just love that they are actually the voices, they are really talented. Awesome.