Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bad news bears

And the bad news just keeps on coming.
Got home from work tonight and discovered a notice on our front door that out lease is up on May 31st and they are raising our rent by over $300 a month. These changes take place as on June 1st and we have to give 30 days written notice by May 1st, which means we have just over two weeks to decide what to do or pay a big chunk more. To make this more complicated, the four of us roommates are never home at the same time and moving conversations always take so much effort to avoid confrontations. And, my sister is super busy and way overwhelmed with some sorority stuff and one of my other roommates is leaving for two weeks to take care of her Grandpa who is recovering from a stroke. See, all four of our lives are already barely keeping it together and now it gets worse with the move.
As you well know, I hate moving. It is the death of me.
Ironically, I was all set to write a blog post about how I am still struggling to intentionally choose joy in tough circumstances. Now, I feel dumb because it is hard to even see the joy to choose right now.
My Grandma is dying and I feel it everyday. The family is struggling with it and how to handle it and started talking today about dividing her stuff and cleaning out her apartment. I am dealing with a personal thing right now too. Then there is always work and school, which I enjoy, but takes mental energy and LOTS of time. And now, I have to make a moving decision in less than a month. Please pray.
(photo found here, but from this book).