Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wanting to visit New York

My Dad e-mailed me today with the dates of his next trip to New York and I want to go with him so badly!!! I love New York. Sometimes, I even miss it in a way that hurts. That’s how much I love it. Yes, it can be dirty and crowded and grumpy, but it is also magical and big and full of lovely things like plays and shops and Central Park (not many places are better than Central Park).
I told my Dad I wasn’t sure I could take a week off work. Sometimes, having a job really gets in the way of my having a life. New York trips are one of those things where people say “if you knew you only had a year to live what would you do” (I hate those questions…questions involving death) my answer is always “visit New York.” Love it. I hope I can go. My sister can’t because of school, and that makes me sad. But, I am hoping my Mom can go, that way we can pal around the City together all week while Dad is all important in his office off 5th Ave. Even though I’m not sure I can go yet, I’ve already started a note on my iPhone about places to go see! I think work may just have to wait.

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Shannon Rose said...

Fun! I've never been to New York, but have always wanted to go! If I ever do, I'll be sure to ask you for the best places to see. :)