Monday, March 1, 2010

Twenty Four

(my decorated cubicle).

Today I turned twenty four. A grown up. My mid-twenties. Remembering what got me to this day. Remembering my supportive mom, my trusting dad, and my loyal sister. Remembering birthdays of family dinners at Italian restaurants (my favorite), Disneyland visits, present of Audrey Hepburn picture, birthdays with Amy, weekend away with my best friends at 18, OC weekend trip last year with my roommates, and now, throwing myself a dinner party with my very own lasagna.
I thinking that at this age, some women are married, some have kids, and I am suddenly – and unexpectedly – a career woman. My supervisor told me that at 24 she had just had a baby and I am establishing my career. Then today another co-worker told me how mature and career focused, and successful I am for my age. I liked that compliment. I like being mature for my age. Every year I feel I am catching up with myself. Maybe I’ll reach it at 30. Who knows what life will look like then? I am surprised the way my life looks now at 24.
Every year I go through this. I review where I thought I’d be at this age as a little girl. I try to be positive and glass half-full, and some years I am successful. This year I think I am half-full again. I work with amazing people who gave me presents today and decorated my office and make me laugh. I have roommates and good friends in LA who made my birthday special and wonderful. I have friends from high school (close and acquaintances) who post happy birthday messages on my Facebook wall. And I have an incredible family who just want to make sure I am happy and feel loved on my birthday (don’t tell them they don’t have to try very hard to make me feel loved). So yes, life is good. I’m not where I thought I’d be, but I’m glad to be where I’m at.

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