Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The lonely day of Spring

Spring doesn’t officially start for three more days, but it has already passed here in the LA area. It was here for only one lonely day. The weeks before it was winter – or what some would call spring, at least, those who live where it is cooler than 55 degrees – and now it is summer. It was stinkin’ 90 degrees today and yesterday. Did you get that? 90 DEGREES! I mean, seriously. I need to move. It is not a good sign that the middle of March is 90 degrees and I can already see the smog starting to settle. It is marking its territory on the mountains and foothills, baiting me with the sad truth that smog and I will see each other on a daily basis for the next 7 months. That’s right, in Southern California, our summer last for 7 months. Fall about 2, winter about one, and sometimes Spring comes out to play, but not this year.
Summer and I are enemies and I am getting my game face on. This year, summer will not beat me. It will not steal away my happiness, patience, sense of humor, or new found enjoyment of cooking. It will not involve long drawn out months full of boredom and sweat. It will not steal my personal sunshine for its blisteringly hot sunshine. This year, I will conquer summer and make it wish it had not come to visit so early.
(photo found through Google, but posted here).


Anonymous said...

Please tell me you have FINALLY seen this movie... :) Love love.
(Your 'anonymous' roommate)

Amy Fields said...

Meanwhile . . . I am thrilled that Spring is teasing us here in Chicago. Most likely there will be one more freeze, but every few days the temp reaches as high as it can and goes all the way to 55!!! YES! Today is one of those days and my mood is already improving! :)