Monday, March 22, 2010

Dancing with the Stars

Okay, so I am watching the season ten premier of DWTS and I am loving it. But, strangely, I am already thinking about who next season’s cast should include… (Lame, I know).

The men:
Anderson Cooper - because, why not. I love him and he would be so sweetly awkward.
Matt Lauer - Mr. Morning Personality. It would be fun to see him out of his element.
Ryan Seacrest - um, because he needs one more job, but mostly because I think he could do it.
Kirk Cameron - Christians everywhere would vote for him (including me) and he would count as the usual "used to be famous and still has potential" guy.
Scott Hamilton - because athletes always do well on this show and America loves him.

The women:
Kathie Lee Gifford - menopausal women everywhere would vote for her and she needs some new popularity.
Katie Holmes - because I love her and she claims she is a dancer.
Barbara Walters - she comes from an entertaining family and it would be fun to see her in a new element.
Miley Cyrus - to show she can be mature and composed, and for the teeny-bopper vote.
Drew Barrymore - because she is so sweet and such a good sport. I think she would be so fun to watch.

What do you think?

Oh, and about this season:
I can’t help it; I love that Kate Gosselin is on the show this season!
Jake (the Bachelor) is growing on me, but I want him to fall in love with Chelsie (his dance partner).
I think Erin Andrews is gorgeous.
You should know that I have a weird personal thing against Cheryl Burke that I can't really explain, but I always vote against her when she gets close to winning.
I will poke my eye out with a spoon if I have to watch Pamela Anderson dance all season. It is too much for me. Yuck.
And I surprisingly really liked Shannen Doherty, but that could be because Mark Ballas is my DWTS crush.

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Amy Fields said...

Well as always, I just love you! I may or may not have watched a little of DWTS last night as well. Andrew was doing homework in the office and one thing led to another . . . haha, love your running commentary on everything and missing you like crazy!
I will be in Vista Sat. May 22- Sun. May 30. I will be without my husband, so maybe we can work out some girl time during either of those weekends?