Monday, March 29, 2010

When it rains it pours

(my Grandma and I at Easter in 2007)

It is time for an update. Life has been pretty tough lately. My Grandma needs a lot of prayer. She is in the hospital and not doing well. Everyday is a different story in regard to her health. It has been really hard on my family.
My Grandma went in for a routine knee replacement surgery about two months ago and she has been in a convalesent/rehab center or the hospital since. She has a disease called Myasthenia Gravis (where your muscles can stop working eventually), which we believe is what flared up after her surgery. Two weeks ago she ended up back in the hospital and didn’t know who any of her family members were, she also refused any and all food, medication, and water. My family and I went to her see two Sundays ago and it was really difficult. She wasn’t very responsive and the only words she was saying were curse words (which is very out of character).
Then, last week on Thursday, I went to visit Grandma on my own. I heard she was improving from my aunts and I woke up that morning with this heavy, heavy feeling that I needed to drop everything and go see Grandma. So, I did. It was yet another lesson in my life that I should always go with my gut… I believe the Lord speaks through my intuition and that morning I knew I had to go. Thankfully, I work at a place that is very supportive.
Anyway, this weekend my Grandma went back to that confused state and more tests are being requested. Please pray. Just pray for my family in general.
To make matters more ironic and tough, my roommates (who are sisters) found out yesterday that their Grandpa had a small stroke and today he still can’t speak. So basically every person in our apartment is dealing with the very real possibility that we may lose our beloved Grandparents or may not lose them, but they may never be the same.
Also, a good family friend of mine is in the hospital receiving chemo treatment for non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. About ten years ago I became good friends with a girl named, Ashley, and her family and I became very close for the next few years. Today, I am closest with her Dad and step-mom, and it is her Dad that was just diagnosed. The man already survived a liver transplant that almost took him once.It has been a very rough week medically. When it rains it pours. I am just thankful that I can lean on the Lord. And thankful that I can ask you to pray.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Dancing with the Stars

Okay, so I am watching the season ten premier of DWTS and I am loving it. But, strangely, I am already thinking about who next season’s cast should include… (Lame, I know).

The men:
Anderson Cooper - because, why not. I love him and he would be so sweetly awkward.
Matt Lauer - Mr. Morning Personality. It would be fun to see him out of his element.
Ryan Seacrest - um, because he needs one more job, but mostly because I think he could do it.
Kirk Cameron - Christians everywhere would vote for him (including me) and he would count as the usual "used to be famous and still has potential" guy.
Scott Hamilton - because athletes always do well on this show and America loves him.

The women:
Kathie Lee Gifford - menopausal women everywhere would vote for her and she needs some new popularity.
Katie Holmes - because I love her and she claims she is a dancer.
Barbara Walters - she comes from an entertaining family and it would be fun to see her in a new element.
Miley Cyrus - to show she can be mature and composed, and for the teeny-bopper vote.
Drew Barrymore - because she is so sweet and such a good sport. I think she would be so fun to watch.

What do you think?

Oh, and about this season:
I can’t help it; I love that Kate Gosselin is on the show this season!
Jake (the Bachelor) is growing on me, but I want him to fall in love with Chelsie (his dance partner).
I think Erin Andrews is gorgeous.
You should know that I have a weird personal thing against Cheryl Burke that I can't really explain, but I always vote against her when she gets close to winning.
I will poke my eye out with a spoon if I have to watch Pamela Anderson dance all season. It is too much for me. Yuck.
And I surprisingly really liked Shannen Doherty, but that could be because Mark Ballas is my DWTS crush.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The lonely day of Spring

Spring doesn’t officially start for three more days, but it has already passed here in the LA area. It was here for only one lonely day. The weeks before it was winter – or what some would call spring, at least, those who live where it is cooler than 55 degrees – and now it is summer. It was stinkin’ 90 degrees today and yesterday. Did you get that? 90 DEGREES! I mean, seriously. I need to move. It is not a good sign that the middle of March is 90 degrees and I can already see the smog starting to settle. It is marking its territory on the mountains and foothills, baiting me with the sad truth that smog and I will see each other on a daily basis for the next 7 months. That’s right, in Southern California, our summer last for 7 months. Fall about 2, winter about one, and sometimes Spring comes out to play, but not this year.
Summer and I are enemies and I am getting my game face on. This year, summer will not beat me. It will not steal away my happiness, patience, sense of humor, or new found enjoyment of cooking. It will not involve long drawn out months full of boredom and sweat. It will not steal my personal sunshine for its blisteringly hot sunshine. This year, I will conquer summer and make it wish it had not come to visit so early.
(photo found through Google, but posted here).

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Daddy's girl

I just finished watching a movie called “Everybody’s Fine.” It was a classic “Carrie” film: depressing, tears are involved, and all about family relationships. Movies about family (no matter how complex) are my favorite. This one particularly touched me. It reminded me of an Arthur Miller story. All about the hard-working father who wants the American Dream of a happy home and successful kids. The kind of father who works hard and makes sacrifices and expects a lot of his kids because he so believes they can take on the world. He believes his kids can do anything they want to and be the best at it. He believes they will be nothing but successful and happy because he sees how smart they are and how driven they can be.
The father in the film reminded me a lot of my Dad. How much my Dad loves his daughters. How he believes we can accomplish anything and be the absolute best. How he thinks we are smart and capable and strong. He raised us to be that way and he wants us to reach our full potential, because he believes we totally can. I have always wanted to make my Dad proud. I know he believes I am capable of great things and I want to show him that.
I have always known that my Dad loves me and is proud of me and supports me and trusts me, and I love that… almost as much as I love him.

Monday, March 8, 2010

An Open Letter to Members of the Academy

I love the Oscars. I love award shows about films, but the Oscars are like BIG to me. Love them. I have loved them since The English Patient won Best Picture in 1996. So, in honor of my love and my many opinions, here is an open letter to certain members of the Academy…

To the “girl next door” Sandra Bullock:
I am so happy for you! I know you were the talk of Tinsel Town today, but you were even the talk of my office. Some of my co-workers only watched the Oscars to see you win. People just feel they can sit down and chat with you. We all like to see the nice girl win, and you seem like a very nice girl. Loved your nominated role, but I will always say I enjoy you because of “While You Were Sleeping.”

To the first female director to ever win an Oscar, Kathryn Bigelow:

Your win made many of us females very proud to be women. I remember being a freshman in college and my best friend, Jamie, wanted to be a film director so badly. She hoped to be the first female to win. We used to dream about it and we are so happy for you now. Please understand how big this is for women. It is okay to talk about the lack of females in the industry and you should! I continue to read quotes by you that you just hope men and women can achieve their goals, but why can’t you mention women specifically? Anyway, regardless how you may feel about the topic, you still made us proud, especially because you made a legit war movie as a female! Even more impressive (and congrats on beating your ex this year… that’s got to be a bit satisfying, as well as enjoyable, since he had to stare at the back of your head the whole night instead of the other way around). P.S. I think you should date Jeremy Renner.

To my new favorite “it girl,” Carey Mulligan:

You are adorable and classy and seem so sweet. You are my new favorite girl in Hollywood. You have amazing talent and so deserved your nomination. “An Education” was definitely my favorite movie of 2009 and possibly one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. I will be buying it on March 30th. Can’t wait to see you in your next movie.

To the incredibly classy, Meryl Streep:

You are brilliant and beautiful and everything actors should strive to be.

To the men who stole the red carpet: Ryan Reynolds, Matt Damon, Zac Efron, and Jake Gyllenhaal.
Well, I guess, thanks for showing up. :)

And of course, to the man who needs no introduction, George Clooney:

People are confused by your “mood” at the awards last night, and while I know it is partly because you were bored with your date because you weren’t there with me, I think people didn’t get the joke. You always give deadpan looks when hosts are trying to joke with you as part of their joke. I got it and I laughed. Also, it did not go un-noticed by some journalists (and viewers) that you took time to sign autographs and shake the hands of fans off the red carpet. Classy and kind… good combo.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wanting to visit New York

My Dad e-mailed me today with the dates of his next trip to New York and I want to go with him so badly!!! I love New York. Sometimes, I even miss it in a way that hurts. That’s how much I love it. Yes, it can be dirty and crowded and grumpy, but it is also magical and big and full of lovely things like plays and shops and Central Park (not many places are better than Central Park).
I told my Dad I wasn’t sure I could take a week off work. Sometimes, having a job really gets in the way of my having a life. New York trips are one of those things where people say “if you knew you only had a year to live what would you do” (I hate those questions…questions involving death) my answer is always “visit New York.” Love it. I hope I can go. My sister can’t because of school, and that makes me sad. But, I am hoping my Mom can go, that way we can pal around the City together all week while Dad is all important in his office off 5th Ave. Even though I’m not sure I can go yet, I’ve already started a note on my iPhone about places to go see! I think work may just have to wait.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Twenty Four

(my decorated cubicle).

Today I turned twenty four. A grown up. My mid-twenties. Remembering what got me to this day. Remembering my supportive mom, my trusting dad, and my loyal sister. Remembering birthdays of family dinners at Italian restaurants (my favorite), Disneyland visits, present of Audrey Hepburn picture, birthdays with Amy, weekend away with my best friends at 18, OC weekend trip last year with my roommates, and now, throwing myself a dinner party with my very own lasagna.
I thinking that at this age, some women are married, some have kids, and I am suddenly – and unexpectedly – a career woman. My supervisor told me that at 24 she had just had a baby and I am establishing my career. Then today another co-worker told me how mature and career focused, and successful I am for my age. I liked that compliment. I like being mature for my age. Every year I feel I am catching up with myself. Maybe I’ll reach it at 30. Who knows what life will look like then? I am surprised the way my life looks now at 24.
Every year I go through this. I review where I thought I’d be at this age as a little girl. I try to be positive and glass half-full, and some years I am successful. This year I think I am half-full again. I work with amazing people who gave me presents today and decorated my office and make me laugh. I have roommates and good friends in LA who made my birthday special and wonderful. I have friends from high school (close and acquaintances) who post happy birthday messages on my Facebook wall. And I have an incredible family who just want to make sure I am happy and feel loved on my birthday (don’t tell them they don’t have to try very hard to make me feel loved). So yes, life is good. I’m not where I thought I’d be, but I’m glad to be where I’m at.