Thursday, February 4, 2010

Laguna Beach brings back high school memories

A few nights ago I had a dream about people from high school. A guy who I was friends with was in it and one of my favorite teachers Mrs. G. It brought me back a ton of memories when I woke up. Today I stayed home with day 4 of my migraine and watched the entire first season of Laguna Beach (don’t judge). I cried three times. The show always takes me back to my high school days. The parties they have and the drama and the friendships and the goodbyes, it all reminds me of my own senior year and the three years prior.
Gosh, I loved high school, and on days like today, I miss it. We had so much fun. I had such a close graduating class. The class that would “change the world” the teachers used to say. There were 98 of us on graduation day. I was the co-salutatorian and have never been more proud of an accomplishment. The episode of LB’s graduation reminds me of my own. How nervous and excited I was. How we girls were so worried about walking in the dirt on the way to the stage. How many butterflies were in my stomach to give my speech. How I got to get my diploma from my dad. The half day in school before graduation full of award ceremonies and signing yearbooks and hugs.
The LB episode of camping at Catalina reminds me of our class trip to Manzanar. Not the best weekend ever, but definitely full of memories. The episode of Prom reminds me of why I shouldn’t have gone to prom. LOL. But it also reminds me of happy times at school dances with my girls. The ridiculous butterflies I used to get when slow dancing with high school guy friends and crushes. And the girl talk that always followed.
I miss the sleepovers. The summer get-togethers. The fact that my friends and I used to spend 6-7 days a week together and always wanted more time. The fact that we were all friends with our teachers. That we hung out with them at lunches and fieldtrips, etc.
I miss that I use to laugh everyday. Lots of fun memories. Some of the best days of my life.

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Rachel said...

i only have one memory of watching Laguna Beach and that included Blue Moon lol