Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Grocery store

I get stressed
Going to the store.
The lanes.
The options.
The labels.
The cheese assortments.
The frozen meals.
How cold it gets
In the freezer section.
How I can never
Find the spices.
Or the sloppy Joe mix.
How I challenge myself
To carry all my bags up the stairs
At once.
The lack of cart
(My mom taught me).
I don’t understand
The people who
Like the store.
I observe some pretty
Fascinating people.
I piece together their
Story by the food they buy.
(photo found here).


Tobin said...

This is SO funny because I have actually said before- "If I could live in the grocery store, I probably would."

I never knew why I loved it so much, but then one day it hit me that I actually find it therapeutic! When I go to the market alone, I spend rediculous amounts of time assessing my options and comparing between packages of differing ounces, price, calories, ingredients, etc. I think the excessive deliberation of such trivial decisions like 'Which brand of croutons do I get today?' allow me to fully shut off the part of my brain that worries and dwells on the real uncertainties of life.

In the strangest way, when I'm at the market, it's my outlet for exercising full control over what is decided, and it's a complete control that is so lacking in the rest of my life.

Not to get too intense on you, but after reading this I just couldn't resist sharing my crazy view of the grocery store too :)

Carrie said...

Haha, that is what so many people tell me about the store!!! I'll have to work on that. :)