Sunday, February 28, 2010

To making it count

I had a birthday party this weekend. It was the first time I threw a birthday party for myself. It felt awkward to do, but also really exciting because I was able to gather some of my favorite people around one table and have a good time… except there wasn’t actually a table, but a living room works too, right? I invited a few people (all women, and all friends from my life in LA, not from back home) for a dinner party. And I cooked… did you read that? I COOKED. Shocking, I know. It gets better – I made lasagna. Overnight lasagna, passed down from my mom, passed down from my Grandma. It turned out so well! It was delicious (if I do say so myself). My friend even told me that if I ever make food for a date, it should be that lasagna. My friend, Nichol (the ever amazing cook), made me an incredible birthday cake. It was chocolate ganache cake with blackberries. SO GOOD. My roommates and I are all still eating it today. We ended the night by watching “Titanic” (mostly because two of my friends have never seen it – can you believe it? – so I used my birthday as a reason for them to finally watch it). I have forgotten what a good and epic movie that is? I also fell a little in love with Jack Dawson. :) The post of my blog is a quote from Jack’s monologue in the movie at dinner. It could also be a motto for my 24th year. Overall, it was a really great birthday party.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Flying February

Whew! It is about time I updated this blog! The whole goal of updating every other day has gone completely out the window! But I will try to be better. Life is just so busy. I don’t even have time to sit at the computer and check my Facebook after work these days! So how about an update…
Two weekends ago we had a family reunion at my parents’ house. My mom’s three sisters and their mom came to stay for a long weekend (and then some). My Aunt Karen’s family came with her for the weekend as well. It was fun to see everyone but pretty overwhelming by the end of it! The house was full of voices, laughter, yummy food, and full beds. My sister and I stayed at a good family friend’s house to provide extra beds for the visiting family.
Last weekend I worked a conference that I help out with every year. It is put on by my former employer. I love to go back and help out with it because I am able to catch up and reconnect with old friends and coworkers. I also just love the energy of being a lead volunteer staff of a conference: answering questions, setting things up, helping people. It is exhausting but gratifying. I loved being able to see a few friends I haven’t talked to in a while, especially two of my former high school teachers who I absolutely love and miss. Running into them was definitely a weekend highlight. I assumed that when I left working this conference I wouldn’t leave wanting to work there again because I am happy with my current position, however, once again, when I left I was sad to go. It hit me unexpectedly as I was driving back home. It is so strange and confusing to want to work so badly at one place and be so very happy and fulfilled at another. Is this what grown up work life is always like or am I just too positive about my career opportunities?
To add to my busy weekends, I am currently in the third week of my current school term and taking two classes! I typically take one, but with two this term I am at “full-time student” status and it feels like it. The worst part (other than having class twice a week for 5 hours after an 8 hour work day) is that both classes are dry and dense and incredibly boring. This would be painful for anyone, but as a person who LOVES my grad program and lives to learn, this term is exceptionally painful and disappointing. My sister keeps telling me I am crazy for taking these two classes at the same time (especially because one of them is considered the most difficult class of the program), but I figure I’d rather get the out of the way in one set and get back into enjoyable classes with wonderful teachers and fun peers.
Hope each of you are doing well!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Being an adult has its drawbacks...

Being an adult has its drawbacks. I feel like I’ve been in full adult mode all week. I took sick days last week and had to deal with calling in sick and making up the work. I made decisions at meetings on behalf of my department this week. I worked (and stayed home) with a migraine. I cancelled plans with friends to take care of my health (not my favorite thing to do). I took car of my Grandma and spent time with family. I have to deal with “work problems” and learn how to handle sticking up for myself and answering to someone. (Sigh) sometimes it is tough.
On the other hand, being an adult is wonderful. I went to dinner with lovely friends this week. I rented movies and spent all of today watching them. I spent time with family. I have a job where I get to make decisions and get a paycheck. I have co-workers I love and who invite me places and include me in things. It is all about perspective… right?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Good dinner and good friends

I love good conversations and good friends. Last night was both. I went to dinner with three of my favorite friends and had a great time. We went to a great new restaurant/wine bar and talked for over three hours. It was lovely.
We’re not exactly “Sex in the City,” but friendship is friendship and it is so needed. Every woman needs other women to vent to and confide in and laugh with. The bond that comes with female friendship is so special. Friends make every place feel a bit more like home, which is something I treasure.The four of us are all in different places in life, and yet all want the same things and believe the same things and try to live in the same way. We all listen to one another and feel for one another and just create this comfortable safe place together. I love spending time with each of them and having all four of us together at once could not have been better. It was so needed for my soul.

Laguna Beach brings back high school memories

A few nights ago I had a dream about people from high school. A guy who I was friends with was in it and one of my favorite teachers Mrs. G. It brought me back a ton of memories when I woke up. Today I stayed home with day 4 of my migraine and watched the entire first season of Laguna Beach (don’t judge). I cried three times. The show always takes me back to my high school days. The parties they have and the drama and the friendships and the goodbyes, it all reminds me of my own senior year and the three years prior.
Gosh, I loved high school, and on days like today, I miss it. We had so much fun. I had such a close graduating class. The class that would “change the world” the teachers used to say. There were 98 of us on graduation day. I was the co-salutatorian and have never been more proud of an accomplishment. The episode of LB’s graduation reminds me of my own. How nervous and excited I was. How we girls were so worried about walking in the dirt on the way to the stage. How many butterflies were in my stomach to give my speech. How I got to get my diploma from my dad. The half day in school before graduation full of award ceremonies and signing yearbooks and hugs.
The LB episode of camping at Catalina reminds me of our class trip to Manzanar. Not the best weekend ever, but definitely full of memories. The episode of Prom reminds me of why I shouldn’t have gone to prom. LOL. But it also reminds me of happy times at school dances with my girls. The ridiculous butterflies I used to get when slow dancing with high school guy friends and crushes. And the girl talk that always followed.
I miss the sleepovers. The summer get-togethers. The fact that my friends and I used to spend 6-7 days a week together and always wanted more time. The fact that we were all friends with our teachers. That we hung out with them at lunches and fieldtrips, etc.
I miss that I use to laugh everyday. Lots of fun memories. Some of the best days of my life.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Grocery store

I get stressed
Going to the store.
The lanes.
The options.
The labels.
The cheese assortments.
The frozen meals.
How cold it gets
In the freezer section.
How I can never
Find the spices.
Or the sloppy Joe mix.
How I challenge myself
To carry all my bags up the stairs
At once.
The lack of cart
(My mom taught me).
I don’t understand
The people who
Like the store.
I observe some pretty
Fascinating people.
I piece together their
Story by the food they buy.
(photo found here).

Monday, February 1, 2010

Late Night can be inspiring

(photo found here).

Sick day hatred

I hate migraines.

Today I have one so bad that I am missing work.

I hate missing work. Not so much because I love what I do or because I love where I work (although most of my coworkers are pretty great), but because I have a super strong sense of responsibility and avoid "slacker-ism" when at all possible.

Mostly I hate missing work because I have an even bigger sense of guilt than responsibility. I feel like everyone judges your reason for missing work. I feel like, when you return to the office, you get looks ranging from "super pity" (implying you were on your death bed and are you sure you're okay?) to "complete faker without a conscience" (implying you must have gone skydiving or driven to Vegas and were having so much fun you just couldn't be bothered to come join the rest of us poor working slobs). I hate this.

But, I want you to know, I really do have a migraine and I really did try to go to work today (meaning, I showered and blew dry my hair). I am literally pinching my forehead in pain, tried to sleep it off, and am wearing my PJs. Is that good enough to qualify a sick day?

So, here I am.

I hate sick days almost as much as migraines.
(photo: from here, first seen here).