Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Twelve days of Christmas

Oh how I love Christmas vacation! Love, love, love it. Twelve days off work, friends come home for the holidays, presents under the tree, sleeping in... all of it. Mostly the missing work thing and being in San Diego for longer than four days (because now that I'm an "adult" this only happens once a year).
I came home today, but break really started last night. I went line dancing with friends and met up with another friend and had a fun time. I am a bit obsessed with line dancing (as if you didn't already know this from reading my blog). Today my mom and sister and I made traditional Icenogle family Christmas cookies (see pictures). Then we had a lovely family dinner when my Dad got home from work. It is such a treat to eat dinner as a family when you don't live at home anymore... at least it is for me. :)
On the agenda for this break is seeing many old friends from high school. I seriously love Christmas break because we all get to see one another again and flash back a few years. I miss those days, so any chance to be together again is wonderful for me. I have the annual Christmas Eve with the Helton's tomorrow and then my family and I will go to my aunt's in Riverside on Christmas day. After that, my week will be full of getting together with friends, sleeping, watching cable, going to North Coast Church (back to the church I love) and relaxing with the family. I'm looking forward to every minute!

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nichol said...

please tell me more about the cookies!!!