Thursday, December 17, 2009

Top Ten: Rachel memories

The first time I met Rachel I learned two things that would turn out to be pivotal to our friendship: she prefers to hug and thinks I have good things to say. We were both in Alpha (a freshman orientation leadership program … and much more than that) and I had just said a closing comment on our “body image and sexuality” talk (a female only conversation that day) and was crying (because by the end of that discussion every girl was crying) and Rachel came up to me and pealed her way through the girls around me and said “hi, I’m Rachel, can I give you a hug?” She told me how much she loved what I shared and that she totally agreed and could relate. It was the only time we ever talked that year. That was August of 2005.
Flash forward a year. I arrived at Alpha training for my second year and drove up to Azusa wondering what I was thinking to volunteer again. I didn’t know many people in Alpha that year (yet) and thought it couldn’t possibly be better than the year before and I felt very sad and lonely to be leaving home after the summer. I walked to in check in for training and Rachel saw me in the office and ran up and gave me a giant hug. I didn’t even remember if I knew her name. She then (very excitedly, which would not be a surprise if you knew Rach) offered to walk with me to take my bags up to the dorm room I was staying in for training. I talked to her again periodically that first week, but we became friends during our training time in the Tenderloin of San Fran the second week. That was August of 2006.
In August of 2007 Rachel moved in with me and my roommates, because, after a year of friendship, we were pretty much inseparable and a force to be reckoned with.
Now, we live in two different states living two very different lives and yet we are still super close and talk at least once a week, usually more, and I am going to be in her wedding this June.
Rach is visiting this month and I am SO glad! We have a ton of fun and my life is so much better when she is local. Rach made a joke the other night about the fact that she wasn’t in my last top 10 things I am thankful for, and I told her she would get her own blog entry, so this is it…

Top Ten: favorite Rachel memories

(note: this is not an exhaustive list and also note, like so much of our friendship, most of the memories will not be fully understood by others).
1. Sitting on the floor of the YWAM in San Fran when I told her it was okay to cry and not to listen to her Alpha Counselor about how she should act.
2. Being together so often and having the same brain that our favorite professor, Dr. Noble, laughingly called us “Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum” (there is still a question about who is who).
3. Spending time in Laguna.
4. Spontaneous outings (looking at big houses in Pasadena, going to the Ivy, week night dinners, etc.).
5. Pillow talk.
6. The night Rach came over when a man with a gun was (possibly) on campus and I was freaked out.
7. Singing songs from Wicked in the car.
8. The (almost) all-nighter during finals week with Amy (aka Spo Spo), as we prepared to ace our Literary Criticism final/class (which we did).
9. Montana’s.
10. Laughing… always, always laughing.

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Rachel said...

...and THAT ladies and gentlemen is how you make it on Carrie's blog and get your very own Top 10!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Missing a few:

1. Being able to argue...separate...apologize...get over it all within a few hours.

2. My 21st birthday of Burton-theme mania.

3. Going to church and then deciding afterwards to head to Laguna where we saw the great dane puppers!


5. Me coming to your house and going to the pier.

6. Wanting to go to Santa Barbara and Em not letting us!!

7. Real talks in the kitchen.

8. "Life would be easier if..."