Sunday, December 13, 2009

Getting ahead of myself

(Photo from here, the stuff I've been dreaming of...inspired by "You've Got Mail").

I am so getting ahead of myself. I’ve been doing this a lot lately. Dreaming about a life I am not able to have…yet. I am dreaming of my own cute small house. A house probably located back home in Oceanside. Decorated with pottery barn-esque furniture and design touches… a red couch, a mural painted wall, pictures of yummy food in the kitchen, pot holders above a stove, a bookshelf of cookbooks, bookshelves galore, a guest room, lavender soap, a fire place, lots of windows, and a quilt on my king size bed (probably made by my wonderful and talented Mom).
I have been dreaming about children. Okay, babies. Always babies. I am a sucker for babies. Seeing them and holding them makes me choke up (this post is scaring off all potential suitors…I know). Speaking of suitors…I am dreaming of a wedding and a marriage.
I know things are getting bad because I have ordered the Pottery Barn catalog, just to look at and get ideas from and dream. And, on Friday, I almost bought a puppy – even worse, a Chihuahua (crazy, I know) – simply because I loved holding something small and warm with a heartbeat in my arms. Gosh, should I be admitting all of this so publicly? I just can’t help being honest, hopefully you can appreciate that… hopefully.
Plus, I have been cooking…so I must be thinking domestically!

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Jan said...

That pic from You've Got Mail is what inspired me to put the bookshelves in your old room as you went away to college! Love that you are cooking and blogging about it! Looked yummy. Especially liked how each stalk of asparagus was carefully lined up . . .